Saturday, December 17, 2016

Releasing now - Ending of the Story and time loop


      There is a traffic accident in front in four of you do you take that same path? Normally if you see a bad accident you go a different route. I get reinspired every someone contacts me about this thing. One young lady made a comment defending Mas telling me he is a great teacher. She then goes on to tell me he is with Jesus ( I suggest watching the video where he tells you he has dark sources and then goes on to describe soul harvest he just committed on people). I was one of him and to see him playing his game is upsetting. He has huge inconsistency he puts new people in a mirage almost instantly I think he himself is under mind control and has moments where he breaks out and then goes back into a hypnotic state. 

        I was all high in the beginning and had some healing take place. Long term people minds are completely wiped. He pulls to much out because he can't tell the difference between a demon and a high energy form. Another women contacted me yesterday who was trying to pull off who was extremely disoriented and slightly sucidal for a year after the program. She had lost her way and I could see that she had been a clear person before. I am seeing how stupid it is to have a teacher over the internet now or to do a long term program. Your teacher should be your friend not some random guy seeing if he is frequency clinic is going to work. The thing is I thought he was a online friend and I realized that was just another mirage. He does not remember most people and does get his own mind wiped on a regular basis. People are looking for truth and he thinks he has it. In higher states truth comes down from the heavens not from guy over the internet getting software updates at night.

      I like to hear peoples ideas on this program who are still on defending it. I only believed in miracles and good. A good positive outcome with no fear - I was fearless in general. Now I have discernment and complete cosmic sovereignty (the highest attainment).  Even though my body got eaten and dematerialized into sick form - I no longer hand my will to a person or programming. I see some these women in the same state I was, but I guess they want the lesson.  People get high in the beginning sometimes they make a video about how great he is. I would like the same person to make a video two years later. I felt them same way I thought he was the greatest guy and later I realized he had hidden himself.  He has never fully disclosed who is connected to and what he is doing. So many people still just hand themselves over and I can't watch it anymore. 

        I have almost left me body 3 times in the past few weeks. Something pulls me back here so I know something big occurred that the heavens wanted me to help work out.

         I had to deprogrammed from the information he sent through me in all those clinics and I see no one should ever listen recording of anything long term. He becomes the source and people become like a gosling following their parent that feeds them. I was one who said "never follow anyone even if they think they know the truth". I am upset because he can override people's guidance systems. Some worship him like he is Jesus, this is highly concerning. 

       I have to admit some of this is selfish on my part because I want to be released from the situation. It continually circles back to me. I also do not want to return to this time loop in time. Some people who come across this information wake up immediately, the smart ones. I didn't let go because a person of good consciousness don't let people go into a trap that harvests them. Others keep going on keep on believing he is something greater. That belief alone creates a hook, a rather large one. After being with someone who had 12 near deaths I realized Mas is definitely not something special.  High level Guru's give their student a upgrade when they are ready, Mas just does random shit hoping it turns out for them. Is Mas the man really there or is it a robot?

     There are better ways to heal and depossess people. Mas brings people in a machine of some sorts. Whoever runs hims has lower information. JESUS do not need SOURCE CODES, wake up. I realized a much bigger problem from this experience. Many types entities can come through quantum type processors it opens other universes. Supernatural christians are always doing demon depossession, but whatever came through this thing was next level possession. I can see maybe technology has brought many new aliens and other type entities to deal with.

    If you are smart you will study information yourself and learn about AI systems. The information I recently received had to do with this Mas is sometype of master AI system. I exposed something very big and I cannot even speak what happened after I released this blog. They have high level technologies to send a t someone non-stop to prevent from even being sane. All that stopped eventually and I decided this was important information worth dying for. 

       Really strong synchronistic occurred events around writing about this information. I wrote the blog and did not publish it on the internet. A giant hawk flew into my yard the day I wrote it and I woke up the next day it had published itself. I had not yet corrected it and is hard because the severe nerve damage that occurred after the program. A few days after it got posted, a women contacted me who was interviewing reseacher and counselor Eve Lorgen. Eve immediately then published my blog on her own website because she has seen this type of thing before. From there, it was passed onto on her colleges and made its way across the internet. Now up to 20,000 views I can see how one person standing in truth can make a difference. That is what is needed everyone needs to stand tall never allow anything. Dark technologies were sent our way and received high level black-ops with assassination scenarios. (Scenes were sent into our mind we were going to be killed ). I began to see the roots in this thing had been very deep, as it lasted for a few months. I was willing to go all the way but there was a price. Eve is used to being attacked when she exposes something and helped me understand they do it to anyone that comes forward.  This level of reality needed to be broken through for everyone. Something has changed here for everyone and even the programmers are waking up. 

         Mas had created a huge group at one point and when he did a world healing it made me sick and the walls move again. I was no longer part of the program but still affected by it. I could now see there was something much bigger going on. I think the spirit of Mas was a good man, with big ideas around getting what he wanted. He was run by something else and lost his awareness of truth. I was told so much wrong information in his program I still react when someone calls him a teacher of any kind. He was being used himself and seemed to have all kinds of ET knowledge. 

         Amazing one being can take so much control over people. He mentioned on a podcast his admiration for Hitler having so much a control over people. He tells them not to get reading from anyone but then still reads them himself. He talks about other teachers and then gets in peoples space. When I died on the program he crawled out of my body almost like a parasite, he had used me as a host. He is not aware of what he does to some people. Maybe he woke up - good for him that's what its about. I saw that the demonic beings guiding him were using him and show his image, but are in the background. 

          The recordings I have from the program when I was were were all delusional. He told us he was of a higher source and made all kinds of big claims. He told us there was going to be "a big event he need to protect us from" and then told us he knew the future but could not tell us. I could put those recording together so people could listen to them they have all kinds of mind fucking ideas about him. He also told none of us were of the pure source on-line or in true enlightenment. I can see his constant speaking of aliens and satan actually brought lower demsional beings in. I am not sure what he is doing now but he can mimic any energy and make you think Jesus thoughts. Maybe he stopped the delusional stuff and kneeling in public while getting the magical upgrade. He gave me so much false information I will not let one person do this program. He was in a spell too which I think just broke, but know they have love spell technology installed in some people on the program. The right thing to do is to walk away I am not sure if he is able to make that decision on his own. He won't choose that on his own so the guardian angel on the internet is still here for the lost souls he created.

      This whole thing is not about me and not about Mas it's about everyone on the planet. What is coming are super AI systems they have been testing for years. Many alien groups use them and so does our government. Everyone need the knowledge on this so we can be free as a society. Many people have been experimented for them to develop this stuff.  

We are gathering data as several women have come forward please take the time to fill out short questionnaire regarding your experience.

Some long term results several people have reported after Mas.
I have many emails from women on longer two years afraid to saw anything. Several are suicidal 

-Disoriented or dizzy
-Loss of spiritual energy
-Holes through out your energy body
-Suicidal thoughts
-Disconnection from spirit
-Cutting of source strings
-Implanting of dreams 
-Implants or steel rods 
-Sexual dream when they try to disconnect from Mas
-Not able to connect to source on their own
-High level fear upon disconnecting from Mas program
-Unclear on how to move forward
-Feeling completely lost
-Not able to work or loss of abundance
-Weight gain and depression
-Feeling wiped out and drained
-Complete disconnection from their true self
-High level spiritual confusion
-Complete disembodiment (especially with children)

       Several women who worked two years with Mas became suicidal after working with him. In a few cases they did not feel their own spiritual energy anymore and had been full of life before his program. In one case, she was sucidal for two years after working with him. Mas did present himself as someone who make you abundant and more connected. He made himself into the end of the road somehow, like you'll never need healing again. I found it interesting his co-host Jane went on to host another spiritual teacher after Mas. She claimed to received some type of "spiritual" gift from this other teacher and began promoting him after Mas. I hate to mention her because she seems like a good person, but I did notice she lost her spiritual energy also.

Please take a moment in your meditation and direct this to this highest creator god.
If you are connected to a church I ask to have people pray for the lost should to find god and be recreated. Thanks you
My prayer for everyone affected by this program: 
For everyone to be healed and receive a perfect new form 
(especially the dear children that lost their bodies)

Grace of GOD and Divine Love