Friday, November 25, 2016

Stockholm Syndrome

Please help me break free!!!!!

      I have noticed the people contacting me around Mas have some Stockholm syndrome. They are afraid to pull from his source and go back on their own. He entrains the word "pure source" which is a automatic connect to his source. The true source comes down form the heavens and there is plenty. I noticed I lost intelligence and so did my son from working with him. My friends appeared to become dumber also, this is a pattern we are seeing in people trying to get out. Smart gifted healers who were once independent are now lost. Is he removing intelligence? People get plugged into connecting with source through him - this is another dependency. He does not see it that way and puts down anyone else giving you guidance except for him. Many women who have contacted me are distorted and suicidal that were on a while. They have huge issues being connected again by themselves. Enlightened masters do it themselves, that's how they get to higher levels, you will never go higher playing him on loop for another few years. Break the chains.
There are people who follow Mas like a dog, thinking he is their enlightened master. I interacted with a few, very confused maniac souls.  

      I met another cult type leader who did who entrain in women on love and forgiveness. This helped keep them in place as he lied to them and messed with their minds a little. He did practices in the back ground called "black magic" using love spells. He would try and get a women to fall in love believe in him and then lock them in to his system. Later, he would get them in a trance and try to get them involved in orgies for energy. He also spoke of Jesus at the dinner table, later trying to get a women to sleep with other men in front of him. The women later are confused and lost so they stay with him. He gets them to think they need him for something or they will become successful. This is the man behind the movie "The Secret". He extorted $400,000 out of the women and then left. He was also good at getting people in some kind of love trance, long enough to get them to invest in him. He could make things happen quick, but in the long run he had them in a contract. He thought he was the Christ of the earth in fact he told me so. Others believed him too and when I see people thinking Mas is the christ I want to write more.  He moved fast like Mas and put women in a fantasy, always traveling to keep him from seeing himself. When someone makes a comment to he is with Jesus I see the lie they are in.

      After Mas, I finally learned decernment and never aligning with someone else who is not with the true source. What a difference it was when I walk in the native americans class - just pure spirit. It's not about love and forgiveness in some situations. Sometimes calling someone a sick psychopath is your no - never again. It's not a judgement it's decernement, I realized it's impossible not to judge it's the only way to know the difference. Someone can be completely crazy cult leader and people will still follow even if they see the signs, this is part stockholm syndrome. 

     I thought Mas was purer source until I was raped for energy non-stop by his beings during and after the sensual frequency clinic. I realized at the time he was opening all kinds of doorways and had no idea what he was doing. It seems innocent but I now realize anyone doing sexual stuff to women is opening doorways through them. It should never happen and especially not on-line. I told my friend I did not feel it was a safe container and later this was the issue. The reason you do not use lower or dark sources they have a tendency to feed.  When I found Theresa, she removed something very big around me from Mas's beings and I threw up violently for three hours. Whatever it was it kept me much sicker and it was one of his "Dark beings". If you feel sick and sucidal long term it may have came into you. This is not to scare its more about being with the highest source. The highest source comes from heaven and he is not aligned with that. 

Be well find your own path home - you are precious

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