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Mas has admitted he is aligned with dark sources and not Jesus

      Recently, I have been praying for the truth to be delivered to everyone involved with this program. This is what has transpired. Mas has publicly admitted on a forum he is aligned with dark sources. This is also a good example of how dark sources disclose truth and keep you in a agreement. He describes how dark sources need souls to feed on, he is letting you he will feed in you. The sound of this thing is very strange and it seems like his sources are letting out the truth. He has kept his sources very hidden and always said a "pure source" when questioned.

       Mas disclosing actually gives permission to the darker energies to take you over. In a few near deaths I studied their were two realms to align with, an upper and a lower. Lower realms have demonic beings who can give unlimited power. There is never a reason to align with dark sources unless you want to be with lower entities. I think Mas is holding information back about what is really going on.

        A video of his own words "I have dark source that protect and keep me safe". He later goes on to describe soul harvest in depth and his own distorted state. This was the "Post Election Game" forum. This video has been removed from youtube. Mas went out of his way to get a restraining order to stop her from exposing him.

      This is a man who claims he is with Jesus, he said over and over when I was there. Why am I upset, because he lied to us. Now he speaks of him like a distant past and what I realized he has no idea what Jesus really represents. They constantly spoke of Jesus as to lure us in and did marketing on his "blood contract with Jesus". If you become sick and suicidal it's because his beings are trying to possess you. The man I met previously who was also was working with dark beings appeared to be very kind and compassionate. I am hearing some people are going to his events and becoming nauseated. This is not a detox these are your reaction to his possessing spirits.

Jesus does not need or use dark sources, he with "the source." He brings people into light and heals them. They do not get sick, they get well. 


        I have read many emails and comments from people on the program over two years - the results are not good. They are disoriented and most are sucidal after his program. Not the results they post. I do realize many feel great and high at first. Some go and make a youtube video while in that state.

      The man that helped me after Mas had several more near deaths than Mas. He was much older and wiser. When you come across a demon or dark source source you walk by it. Never get into an agreement with it. Lower sources come from the demonic realms, higher ones do not need these kind of beings. The way you master these realms is you learn the difference and walk on by. What bothers me is he always said he was with a pure source now he saying they are dark beings. Lies create another source, source cannot live with the lie. 

      Yes, you half to master both worlds you walk by the lower realms and all dark energies to go higher levels. I have seen many cult leaders get sucked into the lower realms. Next Mas will be saying it okay and you need both. He will entrain you to believe what helps him. Please take a long break and meditate by yourself (get your own answers). He can program anything, but over time it will make you separated from yourself. He does now state that he is a programmer.


       True Christ's and higher masters are humble servants of God. I spent much of my life around Saint type beings and my teachers were my friends (not my GURU).  You decide what is Mas's source?

       I do not have anything all figured out all information is posted for you to form your own thoughts. I was lucky to be friend by many teachers of a high source through my life. It helped me see through the madness created by Mas's idea that we had to get rid of all these entities and teachers. The problem is he can not see clearly see he just gets rid of everything and everyone. What is the right way? If everything is pure spirit energy why would you even work with Mas and try and get rid of everyone.

       Another post on Facebook from Mas fan said all is pure source, as she was defending him working with dark sources of energy. Mas told people their angels were impure at a event I went to. I wish I had thought about that idea, angels are just manifestations of light. Mas's work is based on getting rid of pure energy and what happened to me is other things came in to take it's place. I was so high and distorted for a year I did know. When I came off I was just so sick from what ever he channels.

What creates or opens a portal to a lower energy - (demon or satanic energy)?

1. Opening to Disembodied beings who have fallen from GOD source
2. Selfishness on a high level - this blinds someone
3. Sexual distortions or manipulations
4. Opening up to someone who is connected to lower realms
5. Lying or being deceitful - this creates a sociopath overnight
6. Aligning with someone else source instead of connecting yourself
7. Giving yourself over to another source
8. Manipulating for your own personal gain
9. AI (artificial intelligence) can bring in all kinds of entities from other universes
10. Praying can open up demon portal if this person is not connected the GOD source
11. Being at a planetary energetic portal that is to aligned with god source - it will bring lower energies
12. Manipulating for your own personal gain
13. Sick thoughts or manifestation created by greed or lust
14. If you disembody - lower forms of entities can come in
15. MAKING A AGREEMENT TO ALLOW SOMEONE ENTER YOUR SPACE gives free reign to someone else's realm. Supernatural Christians call it "giving up your authority"
16. Going in a unaware channeled space
17. Aligning with lies or distortions of truth
18. Being mean on purpose to hurt them - punishment beings
19. Manipulating for your own personal gain

      Demon realms are nothing to be afraid of Mas' put so much energy into Satanic energy when I was there that he actually brought more of it. I actually never really had the full experience of them until I met Mas - so he created it. I just saw everything as energy happening. He did enter my space and I did let him take me over. Now I know to align only with true source god. Doing a frequency clinic on witch's might actually open that realm. Everything is a manifestation and realm - so align with the highest. Mas's realm was a lower one and not aligned with the me. He disconnected my higher connections and erased energies I wanted to keep. So yes this was upsetting - over it. I forgive him for what transpired. He kept making me believe I needed to do it, yes I take responsibility for listening to him.

We all things to work on only reason I point out Mas is it was so distorting.
 I want to protect the healing community. Here is a list from the bible

How is the number 21 related to sin? (interesting Mas uses the 21 )

In 2Timothy 3 the apostle Paul writes of 21 sins which show the exceeding wickedness of self and sin. He begins the chapter with a warning and then starts his list with the words "But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will . . ."
  1. Selfishly love themselves
  2. Love money
  3. Brag quite a bit
  4. Be proud of themselves
  5. Disregard and disobey their parents
  6. Not be thankful for what they have
  7. Reject being holy
  8. Will not have natural affection
  9. Uncompromising
  10. False accuse others 
  11. Lack any self-control
  12. Fierce
  13. Hate anyone who does good
  14. Betray others
  15. Will act Hard-headed
  16. Will have exalted, selfish views
  17. Love pleasure
  18. Reject loving God
  19. Will look from the outside as being Godly
  20. On the inside they will deny God's power (2Timothy 3:1 - 4)
Paul advice to Timothy is "turn away from all these." (2Timothy 3:5) 

You can check yourself - I am not perfect either

Please take the time to fill out a questionnaire. Several women have come forward around their experience. We are collecting data.

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