Wednesday, November 2, 2016

For healers - coming off the program

      I have had several healers over the past months reaching out regarding this program. I was not in a space where I could fully support someone. If you have been involved in this program this could be a shock and a huge wake up call. So much confusion around all of this with everyone - I support everyone coming back into to there own connection to Source. Not through Mas or another Master. I am currently leaving this body and feel responsibility to save the healers from this program.
       I saw that Mas had the potential to distort and ruin every healer on the planet he works with. This is serious for a planet. I lost my own clear connections and gifts. My other friend stopped connecting with her healing energy all together after Mas. Many are lost and confused - that is not clear spirit space, that is disconnection. I am trying to figure out why people have been working with him two years and what they are learning from him. To develop your gifts deeper you need to be exploring what they are. In most cases you have them and you need to access them deeper. This comes from practice and dedication to your own spirit. I think some healers have a hope of getting his gifts or getting somewhere. You are already specially designed and most healers should not be messed with too much.

        If you are a healer he has the potential disconnect you - he may say they are impure gifts from impure sources. In most cases that is not true and is Mas's projection. I am not sure what he is teaching now in "Healing Mastery" but hopefully he is not just erasing things your life he as he did with me. Healing mastery is being on you own and figuring higher ways to connect. He will weaken your own connection. Cosmic Sovereignty is the highest state of awareness - to attain that in final stages you need to be on your own. Mas has confused spiritual information and should be learning to do things yourself not him doing it to you.

       I would like everyone who reads this blog to ask for a "truth box" to be brought down from the real Jesus regarding Mas to you.  I did this recently and more was revealed to me that was clear. You can ask it to be revealed to you.  Please do this for yourself. I have been praying for the truth to be given to everyone

      I do not want to give on-line advice as I see how people are looking for someone else to tell them. I used to go deep into meditation and receive direct information from my higher being and the source. I never could do his meditations where he says connecting with "pure source" - it's the true source that I am interested in. Now I clearly see the dangers of being involved with a master (or someone acting as one) for too long. Their programming will install after a while So choose your reality carefully - is my learning.

Please take the time to fill out questionnaire at the bottom around your experience 

1. Using the words " A Pure Source " leaves things open. This could mean a computer or cern project. It could be random various guides or alien beings. Being clear - Ask to connect to the highest source and your higher being. This has helped clear me on the astral planes. We have a perfect duplicate copy in heaven - be in connection with your being.

2. Get some counseling with some who can understand situation. Women in particular need to talk and is empowering to express. Write and express your experience. I just shut down and helped tremendously to express my experience. I connected with Bernhard Guenther and he expressing and writing is what helps people heal the most from these type of cult groups. I recommend some practitioners I worked with Eve Lorgen around a few things. This is a holographic alien MILAB program you have been involved with. To me it was a frequency holographic prison I got trapped by. Their will be a withdrawal and other effects from leaving quickly - stay connected however you can.

3. You are going to be the one who gets yourself out. You need to work on canceling all agreements you made with Mas and permission to enter your space. It took me many months to get rid of the duplicates he created. Many practitioners are familiar with canceling agreements. Each person is different. I had a few AI systems attach - this may not be issue for you. Several implants came in also and took a long time to recognize from Mas. He did install some things like "spam" filters etc I had to remove anything he installed. You can make statements- I get rid of all implants from Mas program in your meditation keep doing it for a while. Ask to remove him and his guides from your body. It may take time to get it all clear. Make sure he is out of your creative and sexual energy - you can make statements again like I remove Mas. Go through your entire body and scan. I had to disconnect from all AI systems including technology frequency waves he had connected me to... prayer for your own highest and best outcome. Move forward each day.

4. Re-connect with people again in your community. I isolated myself and realized later I had all the people I needed around me already. I was brought into a mirage that Mas would heal me through the frequency work. I also realized how advanced some of my teachers had been, when I was with Mas I thought they were all impure. Get a reading from outside source giving you feed back if Mas is in your space. Mas actually installs not to get outside readings -I made the mistake of telling I went to someone else.

5. Forgive yourself if you got in too deep and believed everything he said as true. I couldn't trust anyone for a while. Being mad at him doesn't help - he does not care. Use the energy to be productive, get your voice back. Many people have remained quiet about the wrong readings and the way the came out. Some people have prayed for help then found my blog. They get so distorted they become helpless. Many do not even know their own true state anymore. Come back into full awareness on your own.

6. Stop all meditations and frequency clinics. You may go through a withdrawal. Begin to only meditate on your own again. Ask to connect direct with god source. You do not need to repeat a pure source - if you are connected. He confused me and I can see his other co-host is confused still. If you have to constantly repeat "pure source" you are not connecting. If have worked with him 1-2 years it will take a while to re-establish your true connections. Do not fear - all is learning. It's a hard to wake up to something that had been a distortion of truth.

7. I will recommend sitting and connecting with the energy of heaven and earth. Grounding to the core of the earth and bringing energy direct down from heaven into the top of your head. Connect with your higher being - all you have to do is ask. My heavenly connections were cut off for a while after this program. Keep re-connecting every day whether it's art work or writing with your own being. This program does eventually deteriorate people's field. Go into nature.

8. Become empowered again - do your own research on artificial intelligence. Corey Goode snd David Wilcox both have shows on Gaia tv. Cosmic Disclosure did a show on AI intelligence and David does discuss some information on his wisdom teachings. Mas's gifts are technology based gifts -please research on your own. It will make more sense. It's what causes the distortion effects.

8. I do recommend bringing in Jesus and asking for help. I believe Jesus is a manifestation of god source, but you can be direct yourself. Prayers for the highest outcome for all healers involved.

Questionnaire about you experience with Mas. We are collecting data as several women came forward with the same complaints. Mas claims he does not touch people as someone has corresponded with the state of Minnesota

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