Friday, October 7, 2016

update... My friend

      I ran into one of friends today as I was out getting food. She asked what had happened with me as she didn't recognize me as I have known her 15 years. I had always been a strong healthy woman and my appearance is not so great. She had done Mas's work so I shared some of my experience with Mas. She had returned to doing work with him as Mas had some belief he can heal foot fungus. He created a experimental clinic on fungus, which she had just done. I like her, but the strange thing is she didn't remember me texting her after I ended up vegetable from his program. It was like it was wipped from her memory. Her and I had direct communications about the program after I got knocked unconscious. It was pretty bizarre, but I know she's on a few of these thingsonline. She also said she was protected from Mas, but as long as you give your permission to anyone they can download their program. He may be connected to lower realms than you are connected and brings forth his matrix as long as you connect. 

      None of the clinics I did on various health stuff helped me, but at the time I was so programmed by him I believed anything he said. I try to forget, but the giant holes in my energy body and lack of balance reminds me. I dropped what was in my hands when I saw my friend in the small local market. If one thing jostles me I almost fall over. Just remember you are a parrot and he is a programmer. You will be a puppet until you leave and wake up. I am so willing to leave this all behind me, but here comes another one of my friends who is plugged in with him. My work is not complete somehow. If you are feeling sick and separated since you started this program leave please. You are losing you true essence and source connections. Mas has lost his awareness and is taken over himself. In a recent vision I saw he is no longer human at all, but he has not fully recognized this. 

    A few weeks back a picture came across my screen of Mas on Facebook (I guess my friend hit like). She was a beautiful women and posted how Mas was a "programer" and could edit things. You could tell she felt special to even get a photo opportunity with him. She was a friend of my friend, a very strong and powerful women. She had quickly become hypnotized and had abandoned the her business partnership as Mas came into the picture. My friend was a business partner with her and she wanted to her to host Mas. This women left all of her materials and wouldn't even return phone calls. It was like she completely checked out. This is concerning because I separated from my friends after meeting Mas also. My friend and I talked, she had a strong feeling about Mas being the problem. I could see this women was about to go on a wrong turn, away from her own personal power and work. She thought he was "something" and was leaving herself behind. I hate to make this about Mas, but he keeps reappearing I feel I need to protect my soul group. I feel like their divine mother watching over them and the planet. I ask all my friends to be released from Mas's programming, AMEN.

         I had another upset women contact me regarding Mas. I seem to be karmically tied here and wish to release him to love and light. I see I may be in a contract somewhere, maybe to protect my group. If you have been on a long time with him, you may come off upset when you stop being programmed by his energy. When someone takes you over it is normal to feel angry, that is part of getting your space back.  I notice male masters shut down the voice of women, it's part of disempowering them. Speaking up for yourself is healing, just "loving everything can lead to suppression." Love is a agreement - No get out of my space is sometimes necessary. Truth can be the same as love, it's love for yourself. His program sounds like a good thing and he designed but somehow it does not work. People loose their own true frequency and essence. Many women reported being exhausted and disconnected after his program to me. This sounds like a harvest of source energy verses true empowerment of women. Some women give up their energy to easily and really want to help serve the planet. This is why I went so deep into the program, to serve. Just know you came in with gifts to share he can not give you them. Sometimes one needs to develop them, but know you are connected to them.

      I am realizing women give up their personal power to these masters easily as they get caught up wanting the love. I spent many years in meditation connecting with Heaven and Earth only. This is the true source you should align with. I got taken over by a so called master before I met Mas who wanted my energy. I loved people so much I thought love could heal anything. I went through a powerful awakening of energy, unfortunately I let male masters feed and Mas was no different. The fully awakened shakti of a women is actually way more powerful that a male and male masters know this. I find it interesting powerful women are subdued by him and many disoriented. I do feel Mas said things to disempowered me early on the program, I didn't catch on. I got into love frequency of feeding his whole program like many women do. Do not give all you energy to him or any other master on the planet. Your essence is like no other and no one should be in your space for extended amounts of time. This includes Mas, I had several people contact me that were on a year and some two years. This is way to long and you should unplug immediately. You may become disoriented and lost for a while because you were plugged into another source (they reported feeling lost and disconnected). I saw Mas do a clinic on the "divine feminine" which is joke because he is male, but I bet many signed up. Only female master can give a feminine empowerment, yes someone can copy that energy. 

       Women take your power back and don't feed the male masters. If your telling him how much you love him you've gotten taken in. Get it together use your creative force to help the planet and become aware of who you are serving. I was not happy to see another sexual clinic a few months ago. I was attacked after I participated in one of these online and what I realize is other beings came in to rape this energy from me. PLEASE WOMEN DO NOT DO HIS SENSUAL/SEXUAL clinics - this is a harvest for lower beings wanting the creative force. His clinics are not protected like he thinks. These group healings are not safe and it may be a feeding his creation. Connect direct yourself to the the creator and GOD source - not through him. Listening to his voice over and over you are plugging into his frequency and over time his signature. I actually learned through this experience that not every frequency is a match for us and his "frequency" actually made me sicker. He just kept calling it "distortion" when it was actually the wrong energy field for me.

      Sometimes focus on a energy brings its opposite polarity. If you have clinic on "strength" then it can attract weakness. I feel I received the opposite in many clinics and attracted more beings. He would talk about "punishment beings" and then I would experience them that at night. I got attacked non-stop after certain clinics. He got stuck on Satan and told me I had satanic DNA when I met him. This mentally messed me up and I realized later he was projecting what was in his space. When I was on Mas had a high focus and projection of satanic or demonic beings,. This can happen when someone is afflicted themselves by lower demonic beings, they see it everyone else. Several people have reported seeing a grey fog that worked with Mas, I saw this too. Everything became grey and I realized he was in a completely different source that affected my mind greatly. Seeing someone's true sprit is a much higher energy than focusing on removing curses for months. My gift was when I met people I saw their highest being first and many healed through this. Unfortunately, it made discernment hard because I saw everyone as great. I lost my awareness for too long and thought it was coming from me. Staying in a positive energy for too long creates darkness sometimes. Being in the middle is "being" Compassion is actually a higher energy than love and I do feel compassion for Mas as he lost himself.

     I experienced so much love and bliss in my life after my long hours of spiritual practices paid off. I definitely miss it, and after Mas I do not feel anything much of the time so it makes life not worth living. My essence was lost, beings can be so void of their true self they want to take someone else's energy. Soul essence I realize is everything for the soul and makes someone feel complete. Five years ago, I was the happiest in my life and felt full. I felt so much love and appreciation for all things, that is true abundance. It is a state of being not something you program in, NO ONE CAN GIVE YOU THAT.  Lack is the pursuit of money. I am against a program does not lead to more of self, but less of the very energy that forfills the soul "the essence". I didn't know how precious we are until I was removed and lost my essence. You are not source codes of a bunch of frequencies you are beautiful soul essence. I think Mas had good intentions but won't admit there are problems and is why I am still here. They built up a big belief and didn't deliver and in my case crippled me for months. False marketing, false information and false readings. More information was revealed to me this last week about the "truth" of what happened that day when I got knocked out. I remember some more "truth" of that day and what occurred. I can say it's possible to forgive someone who was actually trying to kill you, but he should not be working on people.

       If you feel something is off with this program then you are correct. You should leave. I made the mistake of staying and was convinced by Mas. I actually became more separate and less peaceful. I was ok with what had transpired in my life. This blog is for anyone getting lost in this program. Stop immediately if you are lost, true source is a direct connect. Most people come off the program so messed up they don't even know what happened to them. If you are wondering why no one else has written anything most are people loose themselves and awareness in this program. Many people have contacted me privately. I cannot say Mas is a predator of some kind but I have put a list together of what AI's can look like and what to look out for.(link New age predator programs). 

     True source is perfect and omnipresent. Mas repeats "pure source" over and over, pure source could mean a computer. True source, the highest source is what you want. Mas always instructs to ask beings if they are of a "pure source", this leaves things open. Ask them who they are and definitely ask who Mas is guided by. Pure source is not enough, honestly I think Satan came out of pure source. It does not leave room for mistakes, mistakes come from ignorance and lack of truth. If something is not truth then it is a lie and many were told to me.

      We are here to learn and boy did I! We are here on earth to do our own spiritual work and it's important we face things when they happen. Giving up our energy and power for someone else to is the worst thing you can do. Savior beings take personal power away, doing too much to someone is not doing them a favor.

       Free yourself, take you life back and you do not need anyone else to do that. To the real spirit of Mas please wake up and editing time is not true healing. Being present now and connecting is the true way. I am not sure why I went so deep on your ride, but I forgive myself and your true spirit (wherever it is).

If you have a personal experience you'd like to share please email them to  Several women have come forward with their experience. It is hard to here more stories of other women's children having more problems after he worked with them . Please take the time to fill out a short questionnaire regarding you Mas experience.

Personal account of program

Another personal blog written by a women about this program who also participated

My personal email is currently my health is going but if you really need to share something email. I would like to detach from this story and move on. I have realized in the process how important it is to speak out, the soul needs to express.
If you have been harmed in any way or feel Mas misrepresented this program, please write a blog and speak out. They are free on google through "blogger". You do not have to give your name out. 

I have had several people contact feeling sad about my situation. The best thing you can do for me is ask the highest source to restore me and not send your energy. I have intention to have a new perfect body and let this go. Prayer does work as many people who had near deaths report seeing them go up and explode into light.  Thank you     

     I apologize for all grammar eras in writing this blog I am having a hard time still with being able to read what I wrote. It takes me forever to correct I do not have proper nerve function. Thanks

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