Monday, October 17, 2016

Connecting to the The highest source, true source

     I wanted to create some education regarding lower light beings. What is most important is you connect direct to true source - the highest source of the creator. No other avenues and words like "a pure source" leave things open to lower light beings. Mas constantly says he is a "a pure source" and his confusing and misleading. A pure source could mean a computer, a space space ship, or a lower light being. One of my old teachers in Mount Shasta told me this a long time ago, to only be connected to the highest light. I did not listen to her as I did not fully understand what she was saying. I thought I was suppose to just love everything and it would be okay. She was disappointed by what I had gotten myself into as she had also warned me about frequency controlled experiments and only connecting to mother-father god direct. No in-betweens, no dieties, no masters or gurus. I did not understand the existence of lower realms, soul traps, and hyper dimensional beings. She had me sit on Mount Shasta mountain for days and clean myself out. This is what a compassionate teacher does, they lovingly say - go fix yourself. I had wanted to leave Mas early in his program and go to Mount Shasta. I did not hear my own voice anymore through his system he was installing. I let myself be taken over by the loudness of his ideas, concepts and beliefs. The heavenly energies come down to earth the strongest in Mount Shasta, a journey recommended for anyone. All my true higher connections were severed in this program and my consciousness was completely harvested with Mas's program. It was like it was sucked out along with my essence. This was my experience. Love is a interesting word and compassion is actually a higher energy. It's compassionate and loving for me to write and help others off this program. (It's love and compassion for all). TO hold someone accountable is also a loving act towards that being. Love can take many forms.

      Below I am including a recent video link I watched on you tube from Bernhard Guenther . Bernhard brings forth information on hyperdemsional beings and how they operate. You can browse his website at Piercing the Veil of Reality. Bernhard is a healer and researcher who does assist people on their re-empowerment process  after cult type groups. 

       I am including this video as a reference to understand lower light beings and the harvest of consciousness. Your free will has to be in agreement to have this happen, your permission. Most of the time a lie is implanted and lives on the lie. Traveling in higher realms you can encounter all kinds of things. Lower light beings can pretend to be a spiritual icon to trick people. Once you have your sovereignty, your NO keeps things out of your space. You have to first be able to discern and see that not everything is for your highest good.  Sometimes loving something creates a agreement with it. It is important to understand agreements and soul traps. In Mas's case he convinced me to surrender my will, and that was the point I got possessed. He went into my body and I lost my personal power when my energy got harvested. 

Video link here please play at 1:26.00 (one hour and twenty-six minutes. Your are welcome to watch the whole thing but please be aware if you are in a sensitive space. Watching alien videos can be triggering if you have been taken up and most people on the planet are sensitive right now. Please take care of yourself. lower light beings  (1:26:00)

Quote from Video "Love is Light is knowledge. When they induce belief against what is objectively true, they have "eaten" the light - knowledge of the person who has chosen blind belief over fact. When you believe a lie you have allowed the eating go your energy awareness"

        I have noticed with Mas and other guru type leaders their is always some type of inception of a idea - this is the lie. I noticed he tell some people they are a alien and it sticks into their belief system. He told me many untrue things about myself that created a overlay or belief. He tells people when he meets them he can do things "quicker" or faster than other healers. Just notice the is a huge in-balance in that idea and most people get that idea. NO he won't and many end up on the program for a few years. He has publicly admitted to being aligned with dark sources in a forum. 

 I have had several people contact feeling sad about my situation. The best thing you can do for me is ask the highest source to restore me back to perfection and not send your energy. I have intention to have a new perfect body and let this go. Prayer does work as many people who had near deaths report seeing them go up and explode into light. Wishing you the highest connection to the highest true source. This helps me and this helps the whole planet. Thank you!

If you have purchased I Connect Pendant and did "pure source" activations with Mas you will need to purify it. Along with any crystals you brought in to this "pure source activations" with Mas. I picked up my pendant I paid $180 and it made me feel sick from the energy of those online activations. I took it out under a redwood tree and placed it in a water a container. I ask the earth and "true highest source to clear it". It cleared it no problems. The thing is, the true source is all around us at all times. Its only when you connect through a master, or other beings that you have to be careful. True source is here and you definitely do not need Mas to connect with or activate your pendant. It's silly that they were charging for that. You can do this and it is better that you do it, it will resonate better with it. Sacred geometry is part of the fractal universe and does clear and open doorways. I have retreated myself to painting mandalas again and would have been better off doing that.

Please take the time f you have done the program to fill out a questionnaire regarding your experience. We are collecting data.

Mas truth testimonials page

If you have a personal experience you'd like to share please email them to (another women who did the program) Several women have come forward with their experience. Over the past few months I have had many negative experiences emailed to mewhere they received false information. It is hard to hear more stories of other women's children having more problems after he worked with them . Please post them somewhere people literally have prayed to find the truth and found my blog. NO one says anything - send his staff a email letting them know.

My personal email is I am not currently in best shape but may respond. It's important to get your voice heard if you have been harmed in anyway, given false information, or was mislead by Mas's program.

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