Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Letting go of the conspiracy theories

       As I spent months looking at the dark side of technology and "conspiracy" theories I found it was good to pull out of that state. One does need too be able to look at both "dark and light" energies. If one focuses too much on the light the dark is bound to find them and was true in my case. Technology has been the downfall in previous civilizations and there has been hidden technology used against us. To be fully aware of things should not cause fear it should give you choice. My results on his program were so bad and I witnessed so many people get screwed up from the energy he channels that I feel I need to protect others. I felt drawn to pull my blog down as Mas still hovers my energetic field in some way. I do not want him "my dream" but awareness is needed on the existence of technology mimicking the "true source". I thought I would write a short blog without any "conspiracy" issue it and only real issues I had with the program. When I first met Mas he was focused on conspiracies nonstop himself and this really did not help my healing path. He derailed me in such a huge way by giving wrong spiritual information I see it as a crime. I needed a loved focus grounded man detached from making large amounts of money. Mas has tremendous knowledge with no wisdom and lack experience in the healing department. I believe in forgiveness but also feel a responsibility to this group and have been asked to assist in this. I will pull this down when Mas retires from being a leader. I really liked him when I met him but see that he truly should not be a leader in the healing community. Being a true human requires one to apologize if they mess up and refund money they did not earn properly. A true ascended person see's there mistake takes right action one void of that is not human. He caused my family a great deal of harm and screwed up my friends. He has no issue with that messing people up and I am shocked that he is still leading others. You are his experiment and in true healing energy there is no experiment.

1. Doing a on-line program had it's advantages, but in the end I saw being with a local person in a grounded environment is more beneficial to healing. Random online healing with no idea how one is coming out is dangerous and not ethical. To be a real teacher and leader you really should watch over what you are doing and how people are. If one is not doing well on a program you do have obligation to at least call them especially if you did a huge amount of energetic work on them.

2. Mas constantly delivered me wrong information and many of his theories were wrong. He would carry himself "knowing" information that he did not really understand. He did carry himself as almost a expert on many things. He seems to have a ability to implant information easily even if it's not correct.

3. Most all of the information he programmed into me in his readings were wrong. I would give him 10 % correct, knowing one detail and taking off on that. I had many readings and personal appointments. I feel false information was implanted as later it I realized most of it had not been true especially future predictions. He marketed himself as a oracle at the time and said he knew our individual futures. I spent a great deal of money of these readings and should be refunded if information was wrong.  ALL of his predictions were wrong.

4. When I first met him his program was heavily pushed and marketed. I was told if I got the frequencies out "I would heal". Much of his online advice I wrote in about was wrong but at the time but with his certainty he convinced me it was true. His gift of programming can convince you even if he is just making it up. His gift of "deleting" left me void of my own frequency.

5. Mas worked in a backward way by ripping frequencies out and leaving holes in my energetic body. In the end I realized most of what he did in his program was unnecessary if I had "the right information". I was actually ripped out of my own form and probably messed me up the most. I spent 11 months on his program where he did experiment on me and later I saw that he really had no idea what he was doing. He was not in right understanding and I wasted so much of my time doing his clinics. If you get your space back, nothing can come through you. Mas actually opened me up for other entities to enter me that came through him. He was not in a clear space in the time I was doing the program and was always rushing or in a distorted state himself with all his "upgrades".

6. Mas's energy is highly distorting, this is not clear energy to work with. I was distorted for 11 months and was my downfall. Distortion is not clear spirit energy. Because of this field I lost my sense of being able to see. Mas thinks distortion is necessary, I believe it is because of the technology attached and is devoid of "holy spirit".

7. When my sister shot herself I had a reading with Mas the next day scheduled. He rushed me through the reading and claimed she "just crossed and threw fairy dust". I do believe he made that up.  I had felt her shoot herself from 3 states away as I was very empathic. That night he brought her up on the "halloween edition" forum online. His exact words "DO YOU WANT TO HERE SOMETHING REALLY CREEPY?" and proceeded to talk about my sister in this manner knowing I was on-line. He made her death into a halloween horror story the day after she died because I could "emphatically" feel her. Only someone non-human or a sociopath would be that detached to this level as I was in total grief and just got done with my reading. I should have left in that moment but I was in grief and confused by his distortions. I think he fakes human emotion and does no empathize. He should not be guiding humans at all.

8. He screwed up my older son after working on him one time he was distorted for months and lost a great deal a weight. He was already thin and could hardly eat.. He dropped out of school and couldn't work. He was a prior honor student and was going to go start his own business. He actually derailed him from doing anything and became completely disembodied. It was a dramatic result that took months of help for him to. I think Mas should stay away from people's children completely he is dangerous.

9. I am seeing one person leading people is dangerous, especially if he has the ability to program. They automatically go into a "guru" position. This is actually disempowering and people should stay away from large groups in my opinion. People speak his words, word for word sometimes. This is programming and he seems to have that effect no matter what. Most of what Mas talked about from "cult" other leaders was true of himself. I saw that he projects himself into things and distorted all my reading from his own uncleared distorted energy. He has you stop all readings with other teachers and always downs guru's, but the place himself in that position.

10. There is some sort of technology involved as Mas' field field actually feels like a computer or free form quantum field. He felt digital to me when I met him, I do not feel he is human but a android programmer. I did see this more than once and did see programmers behind him "not Jesus" as he claims. When one kneels down in a public event and claims to being upgraded by Jesus they are usually in a high level holographic delusion.

11. I was healthier, happier and more abundant before I met him. He actually unplugged me from my natural connections and into another source field. I lost own true frequency and he did not have the abilities he claimed around that. I lost my information and healing abilities while he began to become more powerful. I ended up drained sick and disembodied. I went to the point of death where they started my life review. My body no longer holds energy and just drains out. I was still working when I met him and was not dying when he met me. In true source this does not happen.

12. Making up stuff and playing guessing games with people's lives is not true spiritual work. Mas was never a healer prior more a business man and reflected in the way he ran his program. I did not need to do all the frequency clinics I signed up for and actually derailed my healing process. I became programmed with unnatural frequencies and was a waste of time. I had to be "deprogrammed" from the energy and actually thought I was healing when I was not.

13. Mas plays with opening timelines and erasing energy this is highly dangerous spiritually. He can commit a spiritual murder of a soul and was true in my case. He does not hold himself responsible as he claims. He left me a much bigger mess than what I started with and his program was manslaughter to my spirit.

14. Mas does not know what he is connected to and claims it to be a"pure source". True source is one source and does not vary although there are different frequencies. It is a pure quantum field void of divine intellingence. Technology can help but is not like the "god source" which it is perfection.

15. At the end of his program my actual structure was changed and I do not vibrate as my true self in this body anymore. He is not human at all and he can change your structure through the people he is connected to.  Most people stay high on his program and do not know what is really taking place. You are in his universe and it may not be where you vibrate. I was of a higher frequency so he lowered my energy, he claimed to a higher. If you get involved with a lower form it will lower your energy. I figured this out too late.

16. At the end of his program I was sent through time loop and something happened to me. Mas is not safe energy to completely open to. I ended up in a room with the walls moving for three months barely able to walk and almost paralyzed. I went so close to death that my life review was started and entered in and out of a coma state for months, unable to do the smallest task. My mind was so wiped I could barely prepare a meal and had been a professionally trained chef. I had to have meals delivered for months. I was fully able and working prior to Mas's program.

17. At Mas' event in San Diego I stood next to him which I thought was great. We were suppose to have our eyes closed I opened them to see him pulling strings with his hands. I realized he was manipulating energy fields of everyone to bring them in the state he wanted. That is a true puppet master. Another friend of mine went to a event and she said he "whammed" her and shut her down. He can change your state once you are involved and control you. THIS IS NOT GOOD

Mas has some not so great abilities
-Harvesting energy of children and women ***
-Erasing and removing peoples minds (including children)
-Cutting of source strings
-Distortion of spirit
-Implanting dreams or ideas
-Programming anything he wants
-Creating Disembodiment 
-AI and alien possession
-Removing your spiritual information and intelligence
-Removing you from your body
-Random termination of uncooperative people 
-Deleting and erasing good things in your life
-Dematerializing your body
-Getting rid of family and friends connections
-Creating Suicidal people
-Removal of healing abilities
-Sucking out of good consciousness 
-Sexual or spiritual energy depleted or removed
-Dizziness and vertigo
-Taking all your source energy as you believe in him

Mas is not in human state so if he ruins you or child he won't acknowledge it. He does not value human life 

I apologize for all grammar eras in writing this blog I am having a hard time still with being able to read what I wrote. It takes me forever to correct. The neurological damage has not corrected. Thanks

If you have a personal experience you'd like to share please email them to. It will be anonymous (another women who did the program). Several women have come forward with their stories.

You can fill out a questionnaire about your experience and whether what he said was true for you.

Personal account of Mas Program

My personal email is currently my health is going but if you really need to share something email. I would like to detach from this story and move on. I have realized in the process how important it is to speak out, the soul needs to express.


  1. Hi everyone, I fully agree with this post and was messed up myself! Money-hungry company that experiments on people and manipulates them..Working with them for a long time I have no results and don't know who I am any more..They pull you in and it's very hard to disconnect.
    Mas manipulates females to be drawn to him and uses their energy. I stopped working with them but I can't disconnect and he is in my energy field constantly..
    It is not safe to give permission to these people to work on you..

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