Thursday, May 12, 2016

After Life, Crossings of Loved Ones after Suicide

          I am writing this blog in honor of my sister who passed away in October of 2014 due to suicide. In celebration of her birthday, this article is for people who have lost loved ones to suicide. I ended up in a near death state myself for a few months in which I began study hundreds of near deaths. I read several books including "Lives in Between Lives" which case studies the in between realms by a hypnotherapist. Thanks to the internet you can watch near death accounts for weeks looking at personal accounts yourself.

        As I was in the near death state for a period of time, I wanted to understand where I was going. During that time, I began to understand not all people cross after death and some get lost in between realms. I feel everyone should study near death accounts and research this area. The more you know, the easier the crossing is and people do get stuck on earth as my sister did. You can ask for anything when you die, especially divine assistance and this is important to know. I have a belief in Jesus as a gate keeper, but to each there own in figuring this out. I heard several accounts of devote atheists having a near death and meeting Jesus after death. They seemed surprised by his appearance and the unconditional love of our creator. Others may experience a type of hell, but that is your karma and thought meeting you. The minute a devote atheist yells for god when they get stuck in some type of hell realm, a giant hand of some kind reaches for them and pulls them back into the light. This is reported by many atheists when they die in several near death accounts. The in between realm known as the "bargo" in Tibetan Buddhism, can transform into a hell realm if one was not a person of good deeds. The minute one reaches for god and asks for forgiveness they are transformed. All have a chance for redemption unlike what some religious groups think, we have a loving creator that wants us to be one with spirit. Sometimes people have walk through their bad deeds and then all have reported a life review as part of viewing how they affected others. I experienced being reviewed in the near death state. The smallest things I had done mattered and was sent to realms in some type of training school. Everything we do matters and is recorded somewhere and all must face our deeds at some point, it's unavoidable. The akashic records all of our lives and things we have have done or knowledge we have attained. Even specific details are recorded and can be pulled from like a master computer while still on earth. All soul agreements, karmic lessons and soul contracts are stored. All information is kept, so nothing is trully a secret. The universe knows all and eventually a soul must face their present life.

       My sister died of self inflicted gunshot wound to the head. That night I woke up and started screaming in pain from the pain I felt in my head. I did not know what had happened until morning when my other sister phoned me to tell me she had died. I was still in extreme pain and had felt the pain empathically 1000 miles away at the moment of her death. My family thought I had had a precog, but I had actually felt the moment of her death every last pain. I felt her presence with me and had a reading with a well known "healer" Mas already scheduled the next day. He had claimed to cross people over and charged a high amount for this as service. He sat quietly for a while and said he was "working on her and my mom". Then he announced "She just crossed and threw fairy dust, does that make sense to you". Later, I found out she did not cross at all and Mas (the "healer") put me through a mirage. Mas had a severe lack of understanding of loved ones who died from suicide. I worked with a local healing group run by a native american 10 months later. It was clear she was still here and stuck in a fearful state that had affected me. She was lost and the healer who claimed to help her had no affect on her. This was big deal spiritually for her, and my family. To me it was like a spiritual crime to pretend she crossed, to him it was just big business.

         What I learned from the native american who ran the group is the whole family has a healing once they cross so it is very important to complete with suicides. He has had 12 near death himself and had attained high information. I had been studying for months on the subject. He broke us into group and his students and I tune into her spirit. She had a lot to say to me and is one of the main reasons they do not cross, especially in the case of suicide. In most cases, people who commit suicide want everyone to understand why and she had been trying to talk to me to months. This is what she really wanted to make sure of before she agreed to finally leave. I didn't get she was still here and stuck because the mirage the "healer" had put up had implanted deeply in my consciousness. I was mad and sickened by the man who I had worked with already so this was like icing on the cake. My sister had affected me for months and she knew I could make the family understand her death. The fear I felt had been her's, as the remnants of the suicide had not left. She did not understand she could call on Jesus or angels for help to go across to the other side. The afterlife if well informed, can be a place of power and knowledge. We began to explained this to her, and I also explained that she could go to healing realms. She was reluctant and fearful at first but after a while we convinced her it was for the best. We all felt a bright light and the presence of angels that began to take her home. Something heavy finally lifted away from me, as I had carried her lost soul until she could find her way home.

      I still had been dreaming of my sister for months, but this time she appeared as real as day. Three days after the our group session she appeared in my bedroom in the middle of the night. I reached out to touch her, she felt solid and looked healed. She spoke to me , "Divine father healed me". She had returned to show me her new body and was like a thank you. I then realized what a dis-service this "healer" had done by pretending that she crossed over. He had done this to many people including my friends mother and clearly never had the right information. My sister would show me her travels once in a while, but I have not seen her in a while now. It was so important for her to crossover, and to be healed helped all of us. The other event that took place three days after, was my family buried her ashes. They could complete and they were gathered together in Idaho already and planted her ashes under a tree. The native american explained that if the suicide completes the transition, the whole family on one level heals after they cross. We all could complete as she was taken home to a place of love and healing. Especially in the case of a suicide, it impacts everyone close to her. I felt honored to have helped her in leaving this plane and directing for highest healing. Working with the right people after the loss of a loved one is important and having the right information. I know she is enjoying her new life and suffered greatly here. Anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide should understand they are completely forgiven for taking their own life. Our father does not hold things against us and is the embodiment of unconditional love. They do get lost sometimes on the way home and need some divine assistance. May your loved ones find their way home and the peace of GOD in your heart.

My sister's spirit (the sphere) joins my family as they lay her to rest and she crosses into a new heavenly realm away from earth

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