Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mas Sajady Program review, Warnings about the "PROGRAM" and Artificial Intelligence


        I want to first say I really liked Mas Sajady, but what I uncovered about his program is something that I feel that should be shared. My experience on this program led me down a dark path and disconnected from the true source. The intention is to uncover truth and realizing that is "the way" and is what is most important. As you go to higher levels, Truth becomes most important part of enlightenment. It aligns the very source, one step to the left and it takes everyone off track and into a large rabbit hole. It was my hope that this program would naturally come to end, but is the not the case. They continually revive it as and is online international program and is highly concerning after what I experienced. He is a huge broadcaster for some type of artificial source conducted from some type of advanced AI system that has GOD like qualities. When one reaches higher levels they have zero tolerance for something not in full truth. Although, their are many issues with his "program" the results of the program were pretty bad for me and is not the outcome I would have guessed. I was absolutely dedicated to him and his "program". I realize each person had there own experience as I knew several who did the program. Reality can also be based on how much one can see happening in one moment. I believe he was in pure intention when he began his program and lost awareness at some point of what was going on as I did. My outcome was not a great one and your playing a game of "risky business" if you do this program. I personally knew four other people who did the program and they did not have some big huge "success" or abundance like he claims. They became highly distorted and more separated from there own true being.

    Everything had lined up in a positive direction for my healing before I met Mas. I was given access to healing clinic by my doctor for low cost with top practitioners. My herbalist wanted me to go to a healing group with a native american, but I had met Mas. I also wanted to go down to "John of GOD", but when met Mas he didn't want us to work with other healers. I found everything was manifesting towards health and healing. I had enough money to get by and do what I needed to do. Things seemed to manifest, once I started Mas it was the opposite. Everything disappeared that had been created and I became very sick and distorted. Eventually, I had no income coming in and manifestations were blocked. I spent almost a year barely able to walk or talk after the program. Not the unlimited outcome I expected, especially with the way he was marketed. The other alternatives would have been a better path and Mas was just one big programming distortion.

        Although I spent my life in self realization practices, I let Mas guide me over time. When I left I realized he had given me wrong information over and over, especially in paid personal sessions. His readings I realized were so far off and partially deceptive from day one. I do not think Mas should guiding people at all and I watched many people come off his program in bad shape. I was dealing with some entity attachments I had picked up from being around a "master buddha" I had befriended. He also had a "near death" and some type of  had "super natural" abilities. He spoke of transparency like Mas but was demonic in nature and plugged into me. Mas made huge claims in which he let me know he could get rid of any entity over and over. The energy Mas channels is not "true source" and can really mess people up. He creates a "master mind" group as he calls it and now I see it as a master "mind control" group. He did admit he studied Hitler and even said "he admired his ability to take control". He a book on Hitler his as a resource on his site at one point. He does Guru everyone in site and some healers coming off the program had readings from outside sources that he was on top of them. He went right into my body and I saw he did that to other women. I realized later this is what made me so much weaker and sick.

           In my first month he told us none of were connected to the "pure source" and led me into some kind of confusion right away. His source is a "artificial source" made from high technology, a quantum field of some kind. I see him as a AI prophet who speaks of unlimited outcomes on his program. After I died on the program I was shown he was a android programmer. You may not come out human and I believe now in some type of transhuman agenda is out there. I lost my human abilities and true human form while being convinced we were doing something greater. The biggest deception that happened is I thought I was healing and I was not the "frequencies" were convincing me I was. Once I came off, I realized he had created a much bigger mess I did not fully recover from.  I wasted so much valuable time doing his program and information that was incorrect. He spent a great deal of time manipulating and erasing timelines. This was the wrong approach and I see someone gave him the wrong information around healing.

      I want to apologize for grammar eras I have difficult time reading or writing now, takes me along time after what happened. (for some reason it does not always update after a correction)

      The hardest thing for me was to give all my trust to someone's program and realize I given myself self over to someone else's madness. He did work at gaining trust on repeated his dedication to "pure spirit" and feeling like we were with a great master of some kind. His team did a great job marketing and building a belief on who he was. A very big spiritual trap for people to fall into that leads no where. Someone can self create mastery and get people to believe what they project. He was conducting more energy than anyone I had seen, any Guru or Saint. A near death experiencer I studied mentioned if someone opens your files from 0-3 years they can easily mind control you. Ironically, Mas has us purposely open our files "from 0-3 years" in the beginning his 21 day program. I willing opened those files only to be completely taken over and stuck in a state that was not true for months. I look back and that created a programable infantile state, I felt like I wanted a bed time story. To completely open my energy for someone to complete change it is not a good idea. I gave the authority up and that was a mistake. I learned mind control usually involve the repeating of words over and over which Mas does.

   In the end, I had to be intervened by a native american psychic who confirmed that it was some type of experiment. The thing is I was offered to go to him when I first met Mas by my herbalist, but I was convinced of doing Mas's program by him. I did not need to do his program, he needed me to. I had other options that would have been better but I went into a hypnotic Love trance of some kind. I spent thousands on the program gong to retreats and doing many clinics. Sometimes more than one in a day, another a mistake. All it did was make me much sicker and actually derailed my healing process. He is very deceptive about his program and presents it in a very misleading manor. He seems to have some kind of hold once we got in and began pushing us in under his direction like a father.

       As a healer and someone who spent their life helping other's, what I uncovered seems important to share to those who may be on the program. I held a practice as a intuitive healer for over 20 years, taught meditation and yoga, was a wholistic nutritionist, and professional chef.  I spent over 5 years in development psychic program had and fine tuned my abilities in my early 20's. Nothing prepared me enough, Mas was able to "convince" me early on he was something greater and was of a "higher frequency". My highly developed dream world was hacked and I had a grand deceptive initial dream. A dream was placed where I was told to go with him, but later was revealed it had been placed by some advanced technology. I dreamt of him sometimes on a daily basis and thought is was spiritual guidance, but what uncovered it was something much more sophisticated, some type of software. possibly alien in nature. Something holographic and animated was guiding me almost. I know Mas uses "duplicates" in his healing work and on paid healings. I know my friend had a issue one night with one entering her bedroom wanting to have sex with her without permission. She said yelled at it to leave.

           It took me many months even to get my dream space back, it was hacked by some type of software and sent confusing images even after I left his group. He was some kind of high level interface with software attached. I am going call him AI super android boy, after what he put me through I am allowed. He was "spiritually engineered" by someone and I don't think it was Jesus rather someone doing a high level experiments through him. There much information coming out about the technology they have developed the can program anything. The question is who is behind virtual avatar Mas?

      I was a dedicated healer and teacher and I do not feel Mas is a healer. The words programmer and deprogrammer words describe him perfectly. As a healer and teacher I know creating a environment where someone can heal is most important. It took me a while he had implanted false information, partly because the level of trust I had for him. He marketed himself as a "Oracle" who knew the future and told us he saw our individual futures. He would make statements how he knew what was going to happen on the planet, but couldn't tell us. He told us this more than once and was a big mind screw. At the time I really needed some healing and for the first time in my life let myself be led. I had never actually allowed that and even had a good friend who was a Guru of the Babaji lineage. Although a knowledgable Guru and had a powerful presence, I still tuned him out from leading me. As I became completely hypnotized by the frequency of the energy, I listened to Mas word for word until I woke up to realized it was wrong guidance and hypnotizing frequency. It was next level mind control under the "pure source" identity and seemed to have a quantum processor attached some how. I thought he was like a online friend, but he was leading me into huge deception. I can see how healing and large amounts of money should not be mixed with true healing. They charge large amounts for his personal reading minutes of which I had several. In the I saw he had been incorrect and I believed him the moment. I am sorry I paid into a corrupt system he created with his lover Fei.  I learning how money can create a underworld in someone who seemed very pure intentioned. He was money focused, and money driven not a match for healing work. Although he did appear to do some events for "free" to I thought he was generous and giving.

       In the beginning, I experienced some type of healing as do many others. This is why I gave it a chance, and I not a quitter so I wanted to go through it. I did have some entities attachments leave, but other ones came in from his program. In the end doing Mas's program was like being separated from the very source itself, the true source "the river of life". My research led me to finding out that advanced AI (artificial intelligence) system have been developed for years by our own government and ET's who gave us the technology. After being completely knocked out for months and ending up in the near death state many things were revealed to me. Something nonhuman installed throughout my nervous system while on his program and then an AI system began to run. I was given some information in the near death state took months to accept and understand what I had gotten involved with. I learned he we get ourself in a "agreements" by giving permission and then it enters our space. In the end I ended up more damaged and separated from the true source itself. It took months to get the AI system out and the process was hell. Main learning was not to be led into someone's program and information. Simple servants are the best masters, not anyone who goes big. An AI Prophet quite often has a belief they have more knowledge than others because of the implants and computer generated abilities. They think they are a god, but really have not realized god at all. They are self deluded by the computer generated intelligence they are plugged into.

William Henry who has his own shows on GAIA tv and has done extensive research on the technology they are using on humans. He has sat with people from google and has received high level information on what they have really deveopled. He goes into depth on this subject on Transhumanism on Gaia Tv. and Mas fits the description  of the avatars they are deveopled that are mixed with technology. (Gaia Tv , Open Minds - Technological vs Spiritual Transhumanism) He discusses problems with the transhumans and how they actually seek human energy that they are void of (they take them over). I believe Mas to be like a humanoid robot with a high sex drive.

     I never believed in un-enlightenment as a concept, but I would say it exists. You can attain a high level and then be separated from your own information. I became "less light" and completely drained of natural true source. This was my result in doing his 21 day "Program". The native american I worked with after his program and my other spiritual advisors who knew me previously took notice of this detail. His "Program" is actually part computer software so it is literally a "PROGRAM" that runs, he has not figured that part out. He hasn't really thought much of the fact that some people are having the same dreams, and doing the same things. I had a dream I was going to turn it all around and was going to a "180 degree turn". Then a women gets online and repeats the same dream word for word. Mas thinks he has "super abilities" and is of a purer source. I can say I was fascinated how he could make people's bodies move and spine just by hand movements. They would literally move forward and backward like in the matrix movie. People would just bend backward and his hands would guide them. I had never seen anything like that compete control over a human form. Now I see us like puppets with a highly advanced AI puppet master. For some reason he could have complete access and control over a human form.

        I stood next to Mas at a event in San Diego thinking I was special. We were suppose to have out eyes closed and I spend them to see him moving his hands moving fast, pulling strings like puppets of everyone. I completely wonder what he is "doing" behind the scenes with people. He resembles a super soldier or something that was created by someone in a lab that is a "programable life form". That's what I saw last time I was with him and later had a dream about him being a android. I wrote in how my energy was beginning to feel robotic and no longer human at the end of his program. I was no longer my frequency and something was taking hold. At the end of his program I saw "programmers" in white lab coats behind the game and that's where things went really bad.
       I started Mas's "program" in April of 2014 and was committed to his program for 11 months. I had many personal healings from Mas, four in person and six on-line. I did almost every "frequency" clinic he had to offer which in the end only put in a false state. I thought I was healing when I was not, I was hypnotized by the frequencies. "Riding that Train High on Cocaine" from the Grateful dead comes to mind in describing some of the energy. I played his clinics night and day on a "loop" like he recommended for healing and protection. I will say Mas had the intention of helping me in some way and is not a cruel being. I needed to leave his program not go into it full time, I was ok in the beginning and still had my life set up. I came at the height of energy and his idea that he was a greater frequency than us. He was a new source, where the planet was going he said many times. He made all kinds of false predictions that at the time he was convinced of. He was the best I've met so far at appearing authentic and loving. I realize his program may have completely changed as he is reprogrammed on a constant basis. I would imagine he will deny all responsibility, he is not the honest guy I thought he was. On the other he might not remember because of the constant "mind wiping" he experiences and nightly software upgrades from a unknown source. Unfortunately, I went online to experience some of his "upgrades" which were actually conducted by a alien group. That is what I was shown repeatedly and went to Christ for answers.

        I would say he was one of the most reckless "self proclaimed masters" that I had come across conducting the most energy, but I was in his learning phase. I let him really screw me up in his lack of wisdom of what he was actually doing. He always seemed to have some new gift he was experimenting with, let me make this clear he is experimenting with you. I give up my authority to him and continued to listen to his beliefs and forums as I was seeking information. People want to think someone knows more and will believe a trap set up easily. They are all looking for help and need good spiritual guidance. My readings were completely wrong, partial info and then a distortion that sent me off track in a very big way. He would have some real information that seemed right and would tune into you. He was so sure he was right, even if it seemed wrong I didn't question it until later when I went through the information. Ironically, he talks about ET's and seems to have information on soul harvesting and other ET agendas. I feel my essence and children's energy did get harvested within his program, we were drained. All creative force was extracted until I was almost dead. He can put you in a passive, zombie like state so you do not know what is happening to you. It all seemed so innocent, as he doesn't seem like the manipulating type and he played smart. In my other Blog "Connecting with the highest source" there is a video that explains lower light beings and how they harvest consciousness. Mas is a lower light being and if you are of a higher light your energy will drop. Everyone I have interacted with that did this program long term was drained of energy. Personally, I think he goes after people with more power and energy first. If you get picked in those events you are probably of a higher source and goes for those people first.

      Mas mentions in his med-healings online he was closing doors for me. What I found is he closed purer doors and opened ones to his connections. He thought he could force his plan on our life by manipulating our realties. I felt vey unlimited when I started and ended up in a limited state where doors closed tor me. He has not idea what he is doing and should stop experimenting on humans. I can only imagine what happened to all the healers who let him take over and and do all the things he wanted. I was at the beginning of his fame and participated non-stop thinking he was with "the source". No harm comes when someone is truly connected to Jesus.
       I would compare doing Mas's program to being given a spiritual "roofy", being knocked unconscious and programmed. He tells you everyone has to go through long period of distortion. This is part of the take over process. I woke up 11 months later I didn't know what had happened to me.  I felt like I had gone through a spiritual kidnapping of some kind. He will tell people they have to go through it and convinced us we were the "pure" spirit path. In the MILAB world they call it blank slatting and is what I feel I experienced, like something completely mind wiped me. He was erasing mass amounts of frequencies at a time and does have mind wiping software attached. I remember him saying "you'll forget it ever happened".  I could not even prepare a meal after his program, so mind wiping would be a understatement. After his "upgrade in New York" his assistant spoke of his mind being wiped at night. He did become completely spaced out after that point in a channelled state of some kind. He became very distorted himself in his events and seemed off balance. Later, I saw the programmers in the background at the end of his program upon waking one morning, I wrote in to him about it. This program was similar to a MILAB experience, and was conducted from outside sources. Mas was like the interface handler and behind the "controllers" were behind him. He is programmed with healing "abilities" from a AI (artificial intelligence) system.

         Mas is much like what some of Jim Nichols describes in his writings about human cyborgs and I would never believe something had I not experienced his "exponential" non-human "abilities" first hand. Some type of "source code" programming is involved and the frequency that comes through him are not human. That's why it makes some people so sick, it's programed in and can manipulate the human psyche into believing things. To this day the women go into a "love" state and seem to believe whatever he says as gold. They go into a trance around him and confuse it with real true source. There is alien technology that can create love spells so just be aware of that, I watched many women go into the "the trance" and some with sexual distortion. I recently saw a video of Elon Musk head of Tesla promoting these type of AI systems. He states Elon Musk "We are already cyborgs"  as he has chosen to pair up with the government in some way with a world wide AI system. He mentions in the video that they have technology to adhere digital codes and AI weaving into our bodies. This is much of what I experienced after something came into my nervous system on the Mas program. It was the most painful thing I ever experienced and I now think someone was testing something. It was not a  "upgrade" of any kind but a network that actually controlled me with frequencies full time.

     It's hard to believe, but they have technology available now way beyond what people understand and Elon has been launching satellites for a international AI systems. People are too asleep and distracted to realize their are systems being put in place for some type of transhuman existence. My entire body was changed and this was all done through a AI system similar to what Elon describes in the video. Elon Musk is aware of technology and said if we didn't join the game we would be "house cats". Someone can be programmed with supernatural abilities through AI technology and be put into a holographic matrix full time.

       I realized I had a similar experience in which many MILAB witnesses reported hearing or seeing "programmers". At the end of the program I saw and heard the "Programmers" speaking upon waking and saw them white lab coats. I wrote into Mas about seeing that and happened more than once. I heard every word that they were saying and this is when things went really bad as they knew I had seen them. They wanted to keep me asleep used some tactics including very loud humming noises that made want me to drive of a cliff. The man who came to rescue me got harassed too,  he called it "psychic harassment". He understood high level electronic tactics as I did not. When you experience high electronic harassment you know it and they came after his whole group after I arrived. He was very familiar with these tactics and these were not benevolent beings. I had been partly used to conduct energy for them and these people had powerful technology to make me go completely mad. I eventually moved full time into the woods under the trees which helped to buffer all frequencies.

Eventually I got the AI system out of my nervous system, but ended up with something that permanently installed some type of network of non human quality. I think I became a test subject for someone and was why so there was so much focus on me being there once I joined his holographic frequency experiment software game. It took me almost two years to get rid of the system Mas and dark sources put in.

     Along the way I had many more confirmations this was a experiment and things typically part of a MILAB type experiment. Mas's energy was similar to scaler waves of some kind, like a computer would generate. Some kind of free form quantum field and the energy I would say was similar to cern project. It makes some sick or completely high in the beginning until you get used to the side effects. It had a similar effect to what I have had experienced from ELF frequency machine developed by a NASA scientist that had been used on me by a acupuncturist. It could send a frequency to your address once it had your hair and would adjust your energy field.

      After his program I did begin develop type 2 diabetes and had to force a test from a doctor because I had been tested one year prior.  I had very severe diabetic symptoms for a while and had a friend test me and found out my I was at diabetic levels. I had been a nutritionist and health focused my whole life so this was new. Extended use of ELF frequencies can create diabetes over time according to Rauni Kilde who studied the effects of ELF frequencies. Rauni was the "mother" of bringing out mind control programs and was finally taken out for her work in this area.

        Mas's work was mostly "frequency" based and realized that many mind control experiments have occurred using frequency waves. John Lily was the developer of many of frequency controlled experiments and all "source code" experiments came from his work. Mas did claim to have the "source" codes and appears he may have not met Jesus in many ways. He repeated this often and told us he had the coded that other people did not. This was in 2014, he no longer discusses this information. Jesus does not need source codes and if you study near deaths you'll get a greater understanding of that. Bliss can be created from ELF frequencies and you may feel like you are in the presence of GOD when you are in technological deception. Once you go deep into researching this area you really realize the amount of technology hidden from us and being used to experiment. I let him do that to me and I not a victim of any kind, but I woke up to whole new game I was unaware of.

        My children unfortunately felt the effects of the energy for almost a year and had nausea along with car sickness quite often. My older son also had months of bad vertigo after I asked Mas to work on him. He is 20 and 6 "2 and was already of a smaller build. He lost 40 lbs and looked almost anorexic and still is sick constantly now. He was a honor student and seems more lost than ever. He has yet to fully recover so I do have a big issue with him personally working on people's children. He completely disembodied and has taken a year for him to function. He seemed to be okay before that moment and was going to move out of state. I am asking what can do that? Not the true source, this is what Mas should be asking himself, the TRUE source is absolutely perfect it does not make mistakes. Ok I let him screw me up, but my child is where I draw the line. This man should not be near anyone he is something that no-one understands keep him away from people. It took a year to get rid of the psychic attachments and spider like android entities he brought in. A spider catches it's prey in a "reality" web and sucks the energy out of it. He does open lower inter-dimensional doorways and his online program is not a safe container, if you want the stay. Find a nice safe grounded group to be a part of not random stuff online for profit. Someone who actually cares about you. He can not read you properly and really tune in to what is going on and he does pretend when necessary.

      One realization I have to come to is we have multiple sources of energy happening on the planet. Mas is confusing with his constant repeating of "pure source" connection. True source does not feel like the energy field he produces. His is a very space-ship like feeling and a pure distortion field of some kind. Being plugged into someone else's connection is never good and there will be a a replugging to your own connection if you have been on the program for a long period. One thing is I realized is technology can create states of bliss, harmony and love type feeling. They have quantum computers and technology that can create artificial fields of energy. I do believe someone was playing with technology and may not be the true source. I have come to understand there have been manipulations of source through re-programming and healing through a quantum computer of some kind. The unique thing about Mas is he was given "source codes" in his near death, he spoke of this many times how no one else had them. People can "reprogram" DNA by the sound of there voice and frequencies and has been studied by scientist long ago ( 2011/09/02/scientist-prove-dna-can-be-reprogrammed) I think some high tech software was used through Mas relating to this his voice seems to be the key in activating something. You may have movement or healing but in the end it's not the right connection. I did have initial healing and felt some type of love so it was confusing. Anyone making large claims should be avoided and was another learning. They become like a anti-christ, purely enlightened people do not make such claims and pursue the money track as he has.

      Prior to meeting Mas I was sent a healing frequency clinic from a friend. I played it that night I experienced some energy movement and went into a deep dream state. I had the most perfect dream, Mas appeared, he kissed me and welcomed me in. I heard beings which I thought were angels speaking telling me to go with him. They said "this is your new boyfriend", I thought it was a spritual contract with GOD. I felt like I was on the "pure spirit path". Later this became known as "the inception" dream as I was brought to knew I had a dream prior to meeting Mas, he had been made aware of these technologies in his experience and understood high level alien technologies. A man from the military I worked with that had knowledge of these technologies. He told me "High level aliens can implant a dream before they meet you, and then they get you to agree. That is all it takes to get in." He been involved with some alien groups on some level, so he recognized my issue immediately. They get you into a agreement in your dreams even.

         I came across the "alien love bite" phenomena later, very common way to pull someone in. Later, I was contacted by researcher Eve Lorgen who wrote the book "Alien Love Bite" on the phenomena. I was interviewed by her and saw the pattern she had studied for 15 years. They can choose women as a part host beforehand and create a false dream. Some how they are able to find people even on the astral planes, but some are already profiled in a MILAB system. People quite often are picked in advanced because of their abilities and high level of feminine energy.  Many women who go into higher states of consciousness are found by either government milabs or are pulled into alien experimentations. She has documented many cases and mine was very similar in many ways to what she had seen. I was set up, as I believe he was also chosen because of his programmer skills prior to his near death. This happens in milab type alien experiments, but I had already been told that in the near death state as I ended up in some type of coma. Mas states himself many times how people have dreams before he meets them, I am going to guess that was after they had a dream after a recording of him was played. There is some kind of voice activated frequency game play here, it plugs you into a field of energy and sends a signal.

         Although he often spoke of being of a higher frequency than us, in the end I realized I had been of a higher frequency before his program. He also spoke about your signature frequency, but in the end I was void of mine. This is huge and woman feel really high on this particular program with the "frequencies". They start telling him they love him and a form of worship almost develops. I noticed my friends who did the program lacked their true essence also. He may have stopped the convincing game, but just remember he is a programmer what he says goes in. His main abilities are to program and erase frequencies. He was a computer engineer of some type prior to his near death and had a big company.  If he thinks you want talk of love and joy he will speak that, just notice how you respond. He may tell you what you want to hear or a false prediction of your future. It was not just my future he made false predictions, several of my friends readings were wrong also. AI's have a way of reading everything and will correspond to the group and can appear god like in their knowledge. If you continue on his program, record his readings on Skype so you can go through them later. My friends and I recorded everything and most of he said in general I have on downloaded MP4 format including forums where he gave wrong information.

         Mas claims over and over he had a near death with Jesus. As a Jesus follower this was my hook and he used it to hook others. I do feel for him as believes he met Jesus and signed a contract to have large amounts of money and told us this several times. At the end of his program I saw a man blonde haired blue eyed sitting in a office in my visions at night. He was a part of the programming and he looked like Jesus, but was not Jesus. He said he liked to bring people into states that were not real "mirages". He was sitting behind the experiment at a desk and looked like a Nordic ET that I later saw a picture of. He mentions others claim to dream of Jesus after they met him, this helped to build who he was. I began to study hundreds of near deaths as I was pretty much disabled for a while. Jesus is the perfect healer just remember that. In two near death recalls, Jesus told them any demon can heal anything including cancer, but only through Jesus can they recreate. This made more since why I had seen so many people heal. A man I met prior to Mas, who was demonic nature and portrayed himself as a high buddha could also heal cancer. There are people who have dedicated life work in creating a "god-like" people mixed with technology like Richard G. Seed, Ph.D. Mas seems more like someone's project, mixed with technology creating "god like" qualities, a "man of steel". He did mention frequently of turning us to "steel" and was the quality of what installed in my nervous system at the end of his program. He is the poster child for why you should not give abilities to someone who has no idea what to do with them and I am the end result.

        I did take notice that recreating is the one ability Mas does not have and why he can leave large holes after he erases frequencies out of someone's field. He did mention on two frequency clinics in -line about the "big holes" he left in people energetically, but was "not sure what to do about that. This is a huge issue with the program and I leak my energy out. I watched a large group of people come off his program lost as spirit, when he took note of he created a frequency clinic for being "Lost" and capitalized on it. At the end most people complained of being disconnected and not feeling joy anymore. He sid he was going to do stuff to "connect us" They had actually become more separated from their spirit through months of his program and were no longer in true source. In true source you are not "lost" you are plugged in and Mas messes around so much people become completely distorted. Over time become dependent on the energy he produces and it will take a while to plug back in. He told me when he met me that I get really plugged in, and in the end I lost that connection completely. In the beginning I got convinced of these frequencies were "the way" in the end they were a distortions energy that I had to get rid of. He talked about re-instilling things, later I realized everything was working the opposite. I had been stronger before the program and became much weaker and I lost more of my source essence. He seemed to think he could tune into your signature frequency was big part of his marketing. Many lies and untruths were told to me about this program.

      I literally had to be intervened from his program by a man who came had a healing group with much more advanced knoweldge. As he had several more near deaths than Mas, he explained to me aliens could appear and mask themselves in a dream even. They get you to sign a contract, they can appear as anything. Mas said he signed a "blood" contract with "JESUS" to have great deal of money and never talked of the love of our lord Jesus. When you die your own impurities can trick you especially if you have not cleared greed or any type of lower energies. As you approach the veil you can sign your life away to something that is not what it appears. I remembered Mas had talked about a dark man appearing on the river raft trip as his guide where he had his near death. He thought maybe Jesus was part in that, later his body was found up stream in a different location. He also mentioned being pulled underneath the earth into cave which tells me that he was taken by someone other than Jesus.

      I do believe Mas was intervened programed as some kind of programmable life form. He convinced himself he was a high master who was a "higher frequency" than us, a purer source. He told this over and over until it programmed in. In general he is programing everything in and most believe him. I recently read a article stating that our own military has technology to do "soul transfer" into cloned forms. No one can prove this, but I saw he was an android in person and in spirit world. His frequency was exactly like a computer so it then made more since. This opens another door not yet revealed for you to research on your own. I did find William Henry to be a expert on transhumism and mixing humans with technology. He has a show on Gaia tv where he disclose all the technologies available and they have the ability to make android avatars. They are currently starting to disclose what they really have hidden for a long time.

      Some of the information Mas has about duplicates and duplicating yourself I realized was knowledge people had who were apart of the secret space program. In episode four of Cosmic Disclosure Corey Goode talks about being able to duplicate himself. I saw how some of Mas's information may have not come from "heaven" but people who had high understanding of hidden technology. Now I am realizing all those mediations where her would have us chop ourselves up and create a duplicate is something being played with. He was trying to have us destroy us (original body) and create a duplicate of some kind. This did not work and I did not come out right physically, plus he rushed us all the time. Please do not let him guide you to do that meditation, this this really screwed me up. He thought he could recreate us, but instead he left giant holes through out my body where I leak energy. This left my completely lifeless and unable to work.

     He did have kind of a space astronaut feel along with having the "frequency" of a computer. It was hard for me to accept the information around the secret space program and the hidden breakaway groups at first. Especially after being told the Nazi breakaway group in a near death state where angelic beings visited me at night. I came across Dr Michael Salla in my research wrote several books about the Nazi's after the war history. Some were protected by our own government in which we collaborated behind the scene, later giving rise to a secret space program. Hitler's regime attained the knowledge around UFO's during World War 2, and received high technology from some ET groups. Many people for years have been trying to reveal mind control experiments set up by the Hitler's scientist's, as they played a huge role. Mas had some software that did effect time in a strange distorted way, he could open the time space and space in a unusual distinct way. He would open past time loops then erase the energy and experimented with this in general.  He sent us through time for months and this really screwed me up even more. He was in the constant state of experimentation and always talked about "aliens" experimenting. According to Corey Goode many of the groups travel back through time to manipulate time and this one thing Mas has perfected. He should not be messing with the "time loops" and deleting time to the level he does. This can have a bad effect and he was playing with many "abilities" that he has no idea who it might effect you. Source should not be played with and healing really should take place without so much constant manipulation. He does not understand true healing work or connection to true source. I did healing work for 20 years with positive results, no major time manipulation needed.

    I did see some people behind Mas right before I died that looked "nordic"and were remotely trying to do something to me. Once I woke up and saw programmers behind Mas they began to done things to try and get me back to sleep. The whole "Nazi alien" connection seems crazy to even mention. I did not come out because of that and finally decided to take the plunge. After studying information it does appear our part of our military was working with Nazi groups. They were directly connected to the milabs and experimentation on humans. Many people have been abducted and have no memories of it because they wipe it away. Mas himself may have been taken several times over the years. I studied hundreds of near death who had met Jesus and his seemed different for some reason. I did find one who was taken by the elites very young and abducted by the military repeatedly. She does mention the nazi/reptilian connection with the elites in her story. Eventually she killed herself and crossed to Jesus. She spent a month in a coma remaking herself with Jesus Christ. Taylor Alexandra's story is on Gaia tv "Open Minds with Regina Meredith". (Season 6 ; Episodes 57 & 58). Many people who have come forward about this stuff in the past were killed, I was electronically harassed. It appears that they are going to let this information out at this point.

       I did share my experince with my friend who had been on the "program" a while ago about what had happened to me. When I told her he was not with real Jesus, she said "I knew it!". She had thought that a while and had some weird encounters at night with his program. She did not get all the personal appointments I had and did not do all his frequency clinics like I had. As I talked with my other friends who did his program, their readings were all off. Sometimes their would be partial information, but then something totally off like mine. He kept reminding us he was a "oracle" and saw the future. One of my friends heard a repeat of her reading online when he was reading someone live online, he gave the exact same information. I spoke with another women who thought he readings were off and questioned him. He answered with ,"I am never wrong". Mine were not just off but kinda of twisted in a wrong direction. He convinced me that a good friend who had been a Baba (he no longer claims anything) was not of a pure source. He was of the Babaji lineage and Mas told me they were not of the "pure source". Later, I realized he had been closer to god than Mas and was the most loving being in my life all along. He was a true Jesus Christ follower and the most loving being I knew. I realized Mas was confused and does not recognize someone who is a great man ad tries to separate from anyone you mention. He does not want anyone with other teachers, healers and does forums constantly getting that message programmed. He wants you to be with only him, I was energetically attacked after I told him I was going to another group. He repermends people for going to other healers and even calls it "back sliding". He twisted my mind around easily as he had put me in a very programable state. If you knew me prior you would know I am not a follower of any kind, I thought we were serving humanity in some way. Mas did play this up on a high level and pulled in on our dedication to "true spirit" as he constantly repeated. The women who stay are obviously a mind controlled state as they convinced he is a great master.

       Mas had been a computer programmer prior to his near death and he was the perfect for whatever this was. Among many of his "abilities" he could delete things and treated everyone like the were just a computer screen. They can program AI's with all kind of "abilities" even to heal. I studied hundreds of near deaths as I was pretty much disabled as a result of his "program".  If you study those who were gifted by Jesus during a near death, they only connect with him. I think Mas had screen memories implanted why he wanted him to think, a artificial reality construct of some kind. He would talk of "bringing" Jesus in for a healing as a frequency, he said we were going to go to greater levels than Jesus. Many mind control experiments have focused on utilizing frequencies including "The Lily Wave". The whole Jesus thing was hooking me in all along. Voice of God technology can be as real as day and you can see things in the room that are religious icons. I do think he was guided by some high level technology all along and was having the visions he claimed to have of Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad. At one point he convinced everyone else they were upgrading him now his story has changed and speaks of dark sources of energy.

      Many people who had near deaths have claimed to be sent back by Jesus and some saw frequencies like Mas. They healed only through Jesus not various sources. They also did not distort people as Mas does, they do not need to because they are with the actual source. His middle of the night upgrades he talks about frequently are just most likely software upgrades. I signed up for one just to see what it was about as he realized he could make money off that too. So who and what is upgrading him at 3 am? Jesus or computer software? A while back he fell to his knees in New York city telling everyone they were upgrading him and spoke of being knighted by them. As I look back of the drama of that, I can see they might have put a very big mirage through him via computer software. Everyone bought it, the belief in him went up and he arose to star status as Jesus just upgraded him in public. This sounds like a false reality construct programmed into him, not something real. Mention the "J" word and you have everyone's attention as many of us want to be close to Jesus. They spent the months after using his upgrade as a ploy and created more grandure than previous. He did use Jesus in his marketing and talks frequently that he signed a blood contract with Jesus. I do believe he was deceived himself by some very high technology and started out thinking he was serving Jesus. He seemed like he believed Jesus wanted him to do the frequency work and used his near death in mailings for bringing new people in. Does Jesus upgrade people in a large public event? Something to question there which at the time he had already "built" a belief.  I was amazed at the time now I see it created grandure in everyone and I am can't believe I fell for it. We were with the highest master on the planet and he did create a big illusion in us. I think he stepped off that throne by now, but his energy is different and it does mess people up. He seemed like the nicest guy I had met,  later I never wanted too ear his voice again.

      I started out in a unlimited state, it had always been my belief. In the beginning I had some sort of healing and energy movement. I felt extremely blissfully positive and had some type of love bite type experience. Mas had me in quick with his convincing on about the program. I was a committed type of person so I wanted to go all the way, and I was dealing with something that he immediately convinced me he was "the way". I noticed initially Mas felt like a computer digital " frequency" and made me more interested. I could not figure out what he was as I tuned into to him. I quickly became too distorted to really see what he was. A year ago March something snapped in my head after being on the program for 11 months, it was like I was twisted in time. That when some type of non-human AI (artificial intelligence) network installed itself through my entire nervous system, the word pain does not even cover it. I got kicked out of my body and I ended up in a coma like state for 3-5 months. Something at that point did try and take my body, but I wouldn't let it. The thing is I wanted to leave the program and even told him I had met the Native American on-line. I knew he was opposed to other healers working with us. I then said something really honest to him something he had said and he got really upset with me. He does not like people speaking out and seemed to really want to control me at. He hit me with a bunch of energy and that was the night I got tossed out. I spent the next year hardly able to walk or speak. 

          I went in and out and my life review was started along with visit from angelic light beings. The walls moved and had severe vertigo for three months. I could not even hardly walk. The following months were pure hell as something had involuntarily installed itself through my nervous system, a  network of some kind. My health completely deteriorated and I could do the simples of tasks. I spent six months wanting to vomit my guts all the time, especially if I rode in a car. I could no longer take care of my child and ended up almost homeless as I could not function whatsoever. My younger son went into total shock my older son went unconscious and could not function himself. So is Mas really the pure source conduit? He now states he is a programmer and I saw at one point Mas was programmed with "Dolphin frequencies" copied from dolphins. People experience some type of infinite love that is technology based from what he was programmed with. There were many studies by our own military and Russians around healing with dolphin frequencies. People do not have the knowledge base to understand someone can program any energy with technology, it's a carbon copy that creates a distortion.

      Mas said everyone who does his program becomes more abundant he was focused on wealth initially, he made large claims. I was more abundant and plugged in before I started his "Program". I now realize anyone who even uses the word abundance is selling you something and tried to sell his Purim products during four of my readings. I had to tell him a allergic to the ingredients over and over. I felt like I had been with a con man, convincing me he was "the way" and being left for dead when things didn't work out. I am going to guess from what I witnessed there are a number of people who came off his program were really messed up and some who committed suicide. He does experiment with his abilities constantly. They seem to change in the middle of the night with a "upgrade" from a unknown source. He seems to target the healer group as a whole, and plays god with them. Some of us were used to power of this thing, they need us energy for these things. This is the dangers of any large group where you put faith in one being, he begins to generate huge amount of power. What really has this kind of power? True source is absolutely perfect as Jesus is the perfect healer. I had been in a elaborate experiment of some kind all the while Mas convinced me I needed to do it. My learning is no one should mess too much with "source" and manipulating it even if they thought it was for the good. One should not go too deep into another realms even they claim to be a master to gifted by Jesus. Personally, I think the healers and gurus all over the world were used to feed this things and Mas needs everyone to keep it going. He pushes people over time as he begins to take you over and sometimes says things online to keep people complacent to him.

       The oddest thing about Mas is he mentioned many times how he could bring you to the point of a death "if you wanted". He knew he had some ability to kill someone. To me that reveals something huge, almost a psychopathic energy running him. He bragged several times, how did he know he could do that? I did his program for 11 months and ended up in the near death state for several months. I went in and out of a coma type state and was like a vegetable. I could not come back to my own body and was shot through space and time spinning like the cern project. When I ended up permanently distorted and almost mutilated energetically, I realized there was a severe problem here. I do remember him saying the healers who he was working with were "coming out of their skin" like it was a good thing. I came out and couldn't back in. I can say I was ok the first 6 months, in a very distorted altered state though. I was a very talented woman who was chef, nutritionist, mediation and yoga teacher, held a intuitive healing practice for over 20 years. I would say I was a advanced yogi who began to develop abilities from years of dedication and mastering different levels. At the end of Mas's program I could not even prepare myself a meal or go to the store. I had to had to local organic food project for deliver me food for months. The native american I worked with observed in his class "I had lost all my gifts and information", yeah well he erased them. This is one of his abilities he erases things, not a good thing. He can not tell the difference between pure consciousness and a demon I think. You have to really ask what has that an ability, some type of computer? To much of real source is just alignment nothing else, my learning.

      The true source restores and heals. I did reach out to several Jesus based churches which did help some at least for the depossession end. My older son was pretty much nonfunctional and in bed until the churches began praying for us. They prayed for me and I felt myself reconnect with the true Jesus energy. I feel Mas can commit spiritual homicide of some kind in a careless reckless way. I do see this as a criminal act against a soul, but I guess it's not enough for him to stop. If he messes you up he can not fix you. His program left giant holes in me and I have no energy. He continually stated "if you get the frequencies out you will heal" all he made of was a mess of me. However, he did know about the holes he was leaving. He mentioned it that happening to several people and "did not know what to do about that". Should a healer leave holes in someone's field? No not at all and in all my life have I seen that, that is not healing. I had parallel reality bleed over for months and realize they may have been testing something as I could not stay in this realty. There have been people who have spoke about opening parallel realties through a quantum processor like Geordie Rose, Founder of D-Wave (recent clients are Google and NASA). I was disoriented for almost a year unable to be present here, this is dangerous and what ever is attached to him can screw someones time space continuum.

       Most of his theories were wrong, he told us in the beginning how a big event was going to happen and he was protecting us from it (July 21-day meditation 2014). Big mind screw, he was creating the savior complex. There was always some high level information he was going to release to us. He told us continually he could see the future which all of his future visions seemed to be wrong. I no longer feel immense love and lost all my highly attuned senses, I cannot even smell fresh air of the redwoods trees. He has no clue what he is doing and is willing to have you as his "experiment". I know he was quite aware of how messed up people were getting, yet he continued.  He did make a comment once, "and some people just get worse when I work with them" but couldn't get his program was the reason. For me he was the perfect icon to be used, "a family man" the perfect person for people to trust. I felt like he was a loving father figure I could trust and began to isolate myself to do his program. He did play that role and spoke to us like children and reprimanded on occasion like he was disciplining us. Although already self realized I wanted perfect health and perfection of spirit and is what he was claiming at the time. I do think he had a predatory AI that he is unaware of, always bringing more people in to feed on and absorb their energy. He speaks of other masters being this way when he actually has a high entity attachment himself. I convinced myself I was being recreated by GOD, I would even have dreams I was being recreated. Actually the opposite I was deteriorating and he was bringing other energies in only at the end did I start to see.

       My best friend acted somewhat psychotic on the "program" and was more separated from true source. She actually looked like him sometimes, she got extremely high and played his stuff nonstop on a loop. She became sexually distorted and began having high fantasies when she started his program. I watched her act somewhat crazy as she did many of his healing clinics, but for some reason I wasn't getting it. She actually had been a life long meditator and I had never seen act this way. I had many false visions at night, but she was never aware of her dreams anyway. Corey Goode who came out about the Secret Space program talks about VOG technology affecting people in this way. It can mimic the spirit world and the voice of god. It can make people absolutely crazy some end up up in mental hospitals as they never recover from this type of distortion of spirit. (Links to VOG at the bottom). I had false reality constructs at night, and I dreamt sometimes of Mas every night. He had a check list in his hand a couple times, I was being put through tests on the astral. I heard later that tests are a hallmark for a MILAB type experiment. In other dreams he was a night was a black knight holding me, and in another he was sexually activating me until I orgasmed. I was not in a sexual fantasy about him at all so it was interesting when that happened. The way I was grabbed me and how real it was. I was being harvested for female sexual force at night. I didn't think he is some kind of super pervert until I found out His assistant Fee was involved with orgies. Pictures were discovered online and online masturbation classes Mas was participating in.

      I started to loose reality by being on his program. He made duplicates during his industrial healings so he could work on five people at once. It took me a year to get ride of the duplicates. His duplicates he made seemed be in the middle of my astral at night on a daily basis which made me think he was a god-like avatar helping me. Later, I saw it as mind hacking interference that kept me going on to other healing paths I had been offered. He did highly at the time suggest not working with other healers while working with him as if he was superior in some kind of way.

       The voice of GOD programming can fool the leader in charge also, Mas saw religious icons Jesus, Buddha and Muhammad guiding him. It was purposely designed that way to trick people they are being led by god. Now he speaks of them like the distant past in the video recently released talks about dark beings "that keep him safe".  He did do some things that reminded me of the Montauk experiments that I studied. He did a clinic on halloween and had us focus on the energy of a werewolf. That night I saw a werewolf run through my house and my friend saw one run down the street. I realized later he liked to open dark doors and cause us to have bizarre experiences.

       Mas is a "programmer" by profession and states he was prior to his near death. He can erase energies and put you in false states. This program is literally some type of software that installs itself once you make full contact". I had false spiritually dreams at night and became very delusional almost. My dream world was hijacked and I needed great help to get it back. You may find yourself going out to find "new" opportunities as I did and everyone else who I know who did the program. Nothing ever manifested for them as it didn't for me. I was so programmed I packed up my house with 102 fever with to go find a "new" opportunity.  Everyone I knew who did his program went for false opportunities that never manifested. It was the worst choice I could have made as were several other choices I made while under the "influence" of the software. The thing is, he noticed people were making weird decisions and at some point later he said "don't make any decisions". He had a concept that he could "instill" things through his frequency clinics, none of that is true. He only puts you in artificial states that distort you he does not have true spiritual understanding. This is not true ascension and he does not have right understanding. I had to be pulled out of a false state and deprogrammed after and the military psychic had to train me to take my dream world back. I had strange nightmares that almost a year, Robert who I live with can attest to me screaming night after night sometimes. Many dream had was and his duplicates he seemed to infect my whole astral realm with himself. Very dangerous to do the kind of things he was doing it's like signing up for a mental disorder. He did not know the outcome in his continuous experimenting, the thing is he put on act that he knew what he was doing. He worked on my injured shoulder three times and it never did make a full recovery even through I sought adjunct therapy.

         The months following his program I could not even watch a tv show, only listen. I almost went blind it was six months before I could really walk straight get balance. As I got information in the near death state about the truth of this experiment and it was reaffirmed by the someone who had experience with these technologies from the military.  I pursued investigating this full time. Even though I spent most of nine months in bed I used my time wisely. I studied information on near deaths, secret programs and then Corey Goode came out the secret space program on GAIA TV.  I was almost shocked to here some of his and Dr Michale Sallas information, it matched up with some of what I was told. There are beings with very advanced technology almost eons ahead of us. Our government shares in some of this information. All the information I received seems to be divine timing as everything began to make sense around what Mas was and what I had been told spiritually. He was some type of android programmer with very advanced technology and information.

         AI's are known for their hypnotizing voices and see humans as weak. I can say when I wrote in when I was getting severely weak and he did make it about me being weak minded several times. Turned out my gall bladder had gone into infection and I when I wrote in about my 102 fevers he said "I was just going to higher levels." I had seen a doctor also who missed I was having a infection and someone else finally caught it. Just pointing out he is not a oracle and wish I never had any readings from him. They can program all kinds of "abilities" they are sometimes arrogant and non compassionate. They do try to mimic human traits, can be programmed with spiritual information and master like abilities. I really can not believe he is leading anyone in the healing community.

       As he saw how messed up people were getting he just kept saying "my abilities are too strong". He could not acknowledge what was really happening to people. It's like everyone was getting microwaved by the frequencies they were putting out through him. At the ended of his program, I saw programmers in white lab coats and wrote in about it. This is where things got stranger as I woke up to the fact it was literally a "program" trying to reprogram us. High pitched noises were sent through to try and scattered me. Something imploded in my head and I felt something come into me. Mas had sent me through time loops for months at a high velocity, my soul shattered. I ended up so close to death they started my life review. I did uncover he was directly responsible for knocking me out and ripping me out of my body. I never recovered my energy and live with a few hours of energy a day, as I have huge holes in my energy system. I am now completing a promise I made a covenant to uphold "truth" before I was born. Looking back I see the craziness of even participating with someone who thinks they have "super abilities" and their are mass amounts of people competing for time with him. One "super size" mirage for people to grab onto. My life was 100 times better before meeting him and allowing him to experiment with his "abilities". This was a fun game for him to try out his abilities, but not for many who he experiments on.

     This blog is not really about Mas, what I uncovered was high technology that can manipulate things. This was so real and convincing that everyone needs to understand high tech deceptions and unfortunately Mas is the fall guy. I think this stuff has been going on for years, and I had a previous experience with frequency technology being used one by the military.  It's hard to get concrete information or evidence, all I know is what I saw and experience was not human nature. Mas is not a human at all yet he falls you into a contract. Most of the women can not get him, his duplicates and his dark beings back out.

        At the same time I am seeing the shift that is occurring and all the games are being exposed as a whole on the planet. I do not want to create paranoia only awareness, as I get the feeling all the mind control games are coming down. There were enough people who woke up and this was just one of many experiments taking place. If one gets free it free's a whole bunch of people. The main thing is stay completely awake, I had to take my dream world back. After being contacted by experts in this field I saw there was a dream hacking issue with AI's (artificial intelligence). Eve Lorgen has been a leader in this field since 2000 has done incredible research and also had some personal experiences with AI systems. She brought the information to the public about the "alien love bite" phenomena women experienced. Eve leads support groups and personal counseling sessions for MILABs, abductees and alien love bite encounters. She had many people who have had these experiences with black meta-technology in some love bite connections. The can use a person as a energy resource, very commonly used on someone with high creative force. After speaking with her what I experienced, it seemed to be nothing new except for some fine details.

     People can have some healing initially with Mas, but most people who does his program get very distorted. I went into a state where I thought I was healing and in truth was not. As I witnessed several of my friends get messed up, I would not say they are were better because of the program. In the beginning I did get pulled in as a well known actress Jane Sibbet was promoting him and said he healed her of cancer. They mentioned this frequently and she hosted many of his events to promote his work. Later Jane went on to promote another healer claiming he gifted her with "hand dancing." Not a great outcome for tv show Friend's actress.

       It took my male friend many months to stabilize himself and come out of the distortion also. I would say he struggled much more after his program and created huge distortion in his life not clarity of spirit. We did arrive when things were the strongest. At Mas's event in San Francisco an old friend approached me crying stating how messed up she was. She and could no longer function or even pay her rent. She had been on ten months and was not bad off when she started. I took her by the hands and shared the same thing was happening to me, we are the dedicated ones. If you get anything from this, do not stay distorted. After listening to some of his readings on others he has no problem with pushing someone to the point of a complete psychotic mental breakdown and doesn't mind facilitating that process. He encourages suicide and is fascinated with death. I believe he killed people off the program at one point, Who does does that to people? Only something non-human.

       Mas describes his ability to access claims your "blue print" that he was given the "source codes" by whoever was involved in his near death. He cannot not access your true spiritual blue print like he claims over and over, but he can erase you literally. It must have been confusing to him, he thought he was the one with the magic ticket really. He was so certain about the "source codes" and being given much higher spiritual information. He mentioned the "source codes" frequently as if he had something no-one else had them, I am going to guess they were computer codes that he could read because of his experience with software. True source does not need source "codes" but high level software does, especially a computer run program. Mas was a computer programmer prior to his near death, probably is why he was chosen to try out this new technology. What-ever codes they were, they are the wrong ones and should give them back.

           I had many personal healings with Mas when he was doing personal appointments. I felt lucky and special but was more of my downfall because most of the readings were false information that I bought at at the time. The worst one was when he pretended to cross my sister over after she committed suicide while I was on the program. I just happened to have a reading with him two days after and was in a vulnerable state. At the end, he convinced me she through "fairy dust" and crossed over into Heaven. I told my whole family. This was not true. In truth, she had shot herself in the head and was still stuck in a bad state here for 10 months clinging to me. The native american's healing group recognized that she was still here and helped her to cross over "for a donation". My family buried her ashes three days later as they finally completed as they felt her leave.  He does not have the right spiritual information on crossing loved ones and is concerning since he said he crossed many people. He also pretended to cross my friends departed mom over twice, he does not have thing ability at all.  I am thinking he was playing with it as gift and did not know if it worked. This is a big deal spiritually, to pretend to cross a loved one in actually he had no effect, but put on a big mirage. I was in a very open and vulnerable state after she died and only propelled me on his program. I completely handed my trust and authority, this was a mistake.

     This blog is mostly detailed for those involved, congrats if you made it this far. I witnessed many things because of the amount of months and events I attended. One thing that began to occur and his assistant would talk about is his constant mind wiping that would occur at night. He would have no memory of things or people he had worked with quit often. They thought this is how advanced beings are. I see it as software wiping as his gifts also changed overnight and would have new knowledge programmed. He just thought he was super advanced in someway, but I know he never had any experience around healing until he created this whole thing. He is actually unconscious about what is happening to him so he is in a dangerous state of channeling anything. It seems like someone is using him as a interface of some kind and this blog is for you to question everything and create awareness. Am I possibly crazy? This seems like a bad dream I had to be rescued from some higher level people than Mas. After I realized all my teachers are at a higher-level than him and he is somewhat is a holographic distortion of spirit. He is distorted - therefore he distorts you. When I got around a grounded space connected true spirit it became so much clears he is just a distorted man that got taken over by dark beings of some sort.

         The main issue is he does not really know what he is doing. He has some type of knowledge but has no wisdom around having any type of power. Sorry you can not trust this program or Mas, I question if that is even him anymore. Apparently even skilled demons can heal cancer so this is a confusing reality we are in. I do believe we may have had some sort of contract, my greatest contract is to uphold the "truth". No one even contacted me after being dedicated to him for almost a year when I suddenly went off line, that is not a healer. I know he knows I ended up more damaged. I know my friend relayed information who did the program out of concern. This was my bad and learning, I had no contact phone number they had set it up that way. Mas was too high up and does not even have customer service number. No number, no responsibility, although he claimed to be about that and had it across his website. NO ONE is that great and I can't imagine as a prior healing practitioner not contacting someone who had so many personal healing, retreats, and was always on-line. No one is important although he may pretend. I did try after I came out a vegetative coma state to write to them but I was stopped several times, I dropped my laptop I had been writing on because of the extreme vertigo. That left my phone, many of the emails would literally just deleted right after I wrote them off the screen.  I finally saw he was the problem all along and would reject the information I received. All this a day late and a several thousand dollars later that his program was what was putting me so off course. Work with someone local who that cares about you - I woke up too late and was convinced by him and his staff to stay with this program.

       My life was better before I met him and let him go town to try and change me. He did send me through time loops for months and I literally ended up like the Philadelphia Experiment. He just kept "deleting" things and sending us back in forth in time. DO NOT LET HIM OPEN YOUR TIMELINES AND ERASE RANDOM ENERGY. He had us regularly open our timeline all the way to birth, then started messing with prebirth and other time periods. Then just randomly erases everything, we did did for months nonstop. This is very dangerous and the native american I was sent to was very clear about being careful about time loops and should be done one at a time. A person can commit suicide from one bad time loop and should be done carefully and the person should be over seen. He had many near deaths himself, so he understood the "time loop concept" and worked in a clear way. The beings that came when I was in the near death state told me I had been literally "time warped". As I researched, I found out they have had time altering intelligences for many years. Mas was deleting large amounts of time as a group. The aliens have been playing with deleting time for a along time according according to Corey Goode a secret space MILAB program witness. Corey Goode talked about one should always move forward on a timeline. The aliens have been playing that game for a long time (Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia season 2, episodes 14-17). I had a spiritual homicide almost, all of my astral realms became messed up and it took 9 months for them to straighten out. This was not a good experience and had the native american not come I would have been able to recognize what was happening, it was too complicated. It took 3 months to get the walls to stop moving back and forth continually, his group got that to stop. I am not sure why Mas thought sending someone all over hell would heal them - it was stupidity at it's worse. I see him as not gifted but as in the constant state of experimentation. I am sure what he is doing has changed especially after he read this but he still says the same stuff "I can get you there faster".

         Many people who attain abilities get confused. They become self proclaimed masters who ascend themselves into christhood. It's a easy mistake. Then those following him want to be gifted with what the master says he has, when they are already gifted souls. Some masters create spiritual illusions people follow them. People are seeking to be close to christlike being or one who says he signed a contract with him. I wanted to be closer to Jesus so I assumed Jesus was closely involved with this program as his near death made it seem like he had a very important contract to for fill on earth. After I went through a awakening I wanted to take credit for healing but realized it was god and not me. However, this is a entirely different source. What he was doing was dangerous. It's a crap shoot on what will happen to you. I did all of his meditations, played them on a loop, went to the retreats, and had many personal healings. Things should not turn out the way it did if it was the true source because the true source is perfect. Jesus is absolute perfection so I know he was not involved in this.

        This exposes another problem in our current future with the onset of many AI type networks. Artificial Intelligence energy does not contain the divine intelligence needed for true healing. Anyone who has true spiritual awakening begins to understand the "holy spirit" as the perfect divine intelligence. Yogananda described the holy spirit as the "divine intelligence" and is how I have experienced perfect healing with my own clients. Mas thought mentioned at the end of my on-line program that the "holy spirit" was the body and I questioned him for the first time. An AI based system will mess people up because there is room for mistakes, it lacks the true spiritual intelligence of the true source. AI systems mimic the source it can seem almost identical and a android programmer can copy anything. Mas can create a synthetic reality and can be like a hell realm almost with no real connection to heaven. I asked him online "why don't I feel heaven anymore" and many complained about not feeling joy tor love. He does set up something where you are plugged into to his work verses going directly with the creator. People listen to his voice for months and in a recent case a over year on a loop at night "for spiritual protection". He is leaving his signature in people and creates a bigger distortion (babies are listening to this stuff all over the planet). This is a huge problem and can take a year to get his frequencies and signature out if you were on a long time. I realized this later at his event I looked like him not me and he is a lower energy not a higher one he claimed to be. Do not play for your kids, please.

        My counselor and liscensed spiritual psychology here locally was very disappointed I continued on his program after I saw myself getting worse. She said I had been possessed by something and could not handle the distortion of seeing me in person. We spoke by phone several times and emailed about the situation. She commented on how it was not a safe program and was upset since I was her advanced psychic students when I was young. I was not the only one, he did pull in powerful spiritual women. Women seem to be drawn in by him and give themselves over. I watched several female hosts barely able to speak while interviewing him others completely hypnotized. Doing his program was like next level possession. I was a meditator, healer,  an intuitive empath my whole life I lost all awareness and gifts. He started out with good intentions, but lost his awareness of truth. He is partially a victim because he is not aware enough to know what happened to him and that this had nothing to do with "Jesus". This is not "Jesus's experiment it's some very advanced beings with some high level technology, they need bodies to conduct a experiment. Jesus heals in a perfect way and when you spend time studying hundreds of near deaths you will get that. It is really about soul sovereignty and he actually prolonged me from healing. Although he got some "frequencies" out in the beginning, he left me very distorted it was a spiritual bypass of some kind. After going to the healing group I saw the tremendous mistake I had made, he kept a grounded clear space without a huge distortion field. When your are in true spirit environment, there is no DISTORTION. That distortion is all created from MAS and his software that is attached.

      He can pick up on a fear you have read that and project something. Good example was my friend who had a fear of aging. She was in her 50's and Mas told her "looks like your family ages dramatically in their 50's, let me edit this out" . In the moment she bought it, but I can see it had no real affect on her and he was feeding off a fear. He did this several times to me also, and if affected me mentally. Lower light or Satanic beings always have to copy or plug into something purer. They seek pure beings and higher knowledge to copy. Corey Goode from the secret space program also had a AI attach to him. He said AI's actually attach to people when they have something they want like knowledge - or in my case spiritual gifts.

        Many of these experiments are now stopped, as many of the people behind secret programs have become whistle blowers. Corey Goode, who was part of the Secret Space Program claims there were 22  experiments alone being conducted. Many groups behind the scenes have been exposing this, I would have never has guessed he was one more experiment. I was told near death who the group and would state it was conducted here on the earth by a breakaway group. This game as a whole is hopefully over and is  the purpose of the many whistle blowers who came out to expose the game. It is not even my nature to follow someone at all and my friend was meditator for 25 years completely lost her space also, and the thing about her is she didn't even know it. He did attract high level people and guru's all over india. He put on a good show and presented himself in a confident way of receiving higher knowledge than us. Be aware of public displays of power, Satan always appears as a angel of light. He constantly discloses himself as he said "you are all hypnotized" at the first event. That was the moment he hypnotized us. The lower level beings always disclose themselves - part of universal law. This is why he always speaks of things publicly. - the dark side has the same knowledge. He also said you are all have spells on you and then he cast one.

    It took months to be depossessed from his program and really side tracked me from the healing. Luckily, along came the right information that matched up to what I was told in the near death state. I could have ended up permanent vegetable in a mental institution, instead high level people found me to at least help me understand. I do feel the experiments have backed off, Mas was part of someone's plan to change humanity in a controlled way. Only in the last four months have I been able even write clearly and speak clearly. I apologize for typos I have a hard time :) It has now been over a year after his program. I think his programmers do his upgrades may have taken note as they observe results and give him information. His "abilities" may have changed as they can change overnight along with his "new information" he always putting out. He is so good at what he does he may have turned this blog into a frequency clinic as a new angle, sorry he does do that. I was afraid almost afraid to write real information because Mas is so good he might reverse engineer it and create a "frequency" clinic off of my experience.

       The man I stay with Robert has heard me screaming many nights in the middle of the night in distress about Mas and the lie. I felt I better write this because me soul was screaming it into the universe on the astral shaking the house. The universe knows everything anyway, so does our creator. In near deaths they report seeing every detail on a screen, so one day Mas will see this in full truth and so will I.  If Mas had stopped his program I would not be writing this and would have let it go. I got of all lists and both of my emails, and suddenly out of now where there comes a email to remind me that it is still happening. Hopefully he is not making lullabies for children anymore and pretending to "cross people over". If you paid him to "cross" your love ones over, they did not cross unless they got other help. Although he does claim to help PSTD, I became one big PSTD after his program. For all the healers he is deluded, he can not give you spiritual gifts you have them. He can actually remove them or eraser them. I watched him tell a man "your gifts are coming in" like he just got them. He told another woman from India that contacted me she would get her gifts after she had a mental breakdown. You have your gifts he can actually mess you up so bad you can't connect to them and I personally think the AI's absorbs people's healing signature for itself. I ended up loosing my gifts that I spent a life time developing naturally as a healer and yogi. Part of that is he reads some much of me and my information I no longer carried that consciousness or memory.

      The real issue this is a artificial source and not "the source". The true source restores and heals and does not cause harm, Mas is confused he is in a high level virtual reality that I got pulled into. My dream world was hacked and I saw a false reality of myself thought I was real. I saw so many people come out of his program lost, distorted and disconnected. I had all the right people to help me, but I became too distorted and confused after working with Mas. DO not stay distorted. I had to do a lot of research to understand these things and the high level of technology that is out there. I never believed in that kind of stuff until they completely until what happened to me and I was forced to do 100's of hours of research.  I feel for him too in writing this and I am saddened by the outcome for my family. So much of what he said was wrong and always seemed to have the answer for everything when I wrote in. Very upsetting, but you let it go and warn others.

        Mas is a money maker not a soul saver, there is a difference. The man that came to rescue me was by donation and truly dedicated to helping someone. The greatest choice for one who attains power is the choice between morality and opportunity and Mas became an opportunist.  It was upsetting after all the personal readings were so far off and I paid top dollar for them. First year students of the a healing group I was sent to were clearer than Mas's information. The native american man leading the group looked at me and told his students "Amy was given wrong spiritual information". He had several more near deaths than Mas. He did mention "you got into a agreement" several times to me. I felt like such dumb woman for going so far, I was now meeting the guide who had the right information to give me. Ultimately yes we are responsible, but every person you affect you are responsible for. High level brainwashing, all the love I felt for him was all induced. I trusted him and I realize a online program is stupid also, great set-up for brainwashing.

        I was recently asked why I stayed on his program. I went into a very hypnotic state where I let him lead and convince me of many things. We were told at the time not to work with any other healers. He constantly implanted and said things like surrender you will so I did. I was offered to go the the native american when I met Mas and declined meeting him partly because of his advice. I was at the height where he was saying things like surrender your will, and so I did. At Mas's last healing in San Fransisco he told me I was 75 percent through the program, and so I stayed another month. He also told me I would be back to work in March and that was what I wanted to hear. Instead of working in March, I ended up almost dead. Two months into the program I became sick and suicidal. I think it was something he implanted verses my energy. I decided I was going to leave his assistant personally called me to keep me on and offered my reading free. Our group healing (5 of us) had gotten kicked offline for some reason twice, I took it as a sign and I was leaving. Then Mas convinced me that something was preventing us. He also offered me another free month after a reading he did where he said it was "the worse thing he ever saw" and I was kind of horrified (he said my dead friend was on me eating my shoulder - so who is distorted?). I think back and realize he was the one distorting me. He said I had to stay to keep the "frequencies from wrapping around". In my last reading in San Francisco he told me I was heavy metal toxic and that is why I was distorted. He highly pushed me doing another cleanse and purchase products. Sad thing is I went out and bought a expensive metal detox system and went a vedic spa at $200 a hour for metal detox several times. I made a appointment with the head of Bauman College nutritional school, Dr Bauman. Then I got my doctor to run a heavy metal test even, which came up negative for metal toxicity. Just one more reading throwing me off track, costing me a $1,500 and sending me in the wrong direction. It was the program all along messing me up. Mas was one big distortion after another and he should not be guiding anyone. After months and months of very distorting "frequency clinics" I lost my own awareness. I do take my own responsibility in this. He was always finding more information and creating a new frequency clinic on it. Like I have stated earlier, the true source heals and restores so there should not be such a problem with it. They have never contacted of offered a refund or apology in anyway he just keeps running around the globe. I thought he had good integrity, but considering the constant mind wiping he feels no responsibility to anyone.

       I definitely got a education here on things I would never wanted to learn about. I look forward to returning to the state of love. I really began to understand some of this as a falling away from the "source" and  how when one is separated they have to create all kinds of manipulations of source type energy. AI's are the new "SATAN" to me lack true human qualities and anything can become satanic in nature when selfishness enters the picture. Elon Musk has publicly commented that "Artificial Intelligence is summoning the devil", you cannot control it. If you are involved in something that you know may harm others you have to speak up or you take the karma of it. If you are a witness speak up and confront all obstacles, otherwise it continues to manifest. In the end you be more powerful and says "no" to the universe I will not stand for anyone's bullshit anymore. The funny thing is someone brought me from the dead to face this issue. What is funnier is his assistant constantly fed into this thing telling us things like "you know he didn't have to come back from the dead.". She wanted to make sure he was seen as a saint. He told he was a sage and painted himself as a saint in the beginning. This works well on people's minds along with mentioning his connection to Jesus.
    One thing I realized is you are a victim if you are quiet, speaking up is empowerment. No one can control you anymore. I literally lost my voice and had to learn to focus to speak again. I treasure and watch out for every soul being and never run them through like cattle to get money. Having the right information and being a good guide is the most important when guiding souls. I was always a soul saver and will continue to be. Soul Sovereignty is the highest spiritual realization. I have forgiven Mas for his manipulations and do no know if he is even exists in that body anymore. You do feel like kicking someone hard for lying, but telling the truth is more powerful. Money does strange things to you and the devil can get you to sign your life away for it. For people on the "21 PROGRAM",

 May you find your way home dear ones. The truth will find you if you want it....

A month before the Mas Sajady Program

In bed after his program

Yeah the program don't work so well for me. I was dedicated and went to event only to changed by his alien programmers. Is this what you want?

Quote from Exopolitics Blog description of Archon deceptions. 
"For instance, they cannot access human genetics, but they can pretend to do so, in such a way that humans fall for the pretended act, as if staged events were taken for real.  In this respect, archons are the ultimate hoaxers. This is the essence of "archontic intrusion," as I call it.  The trick is, if humanity falls under the illusion of superhuman power, it becomes as good as real, a self-fulfilling delusion."

More on Alien Love Bites Expert Eve Lorgen

VOG (VOICE OF GOD programming)
http://spherebeingalliut-this-technology-voice-of-godquote Corey Goode

Yes well I think you knew......This how Mas works he disclose who is constantly and has a frequency clinic. He should do one called "Why you should not listen to my forums". 

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